God is Mocked.: Churches Respond to the Migrant Separation Crises

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For the second time in less than a week, I was forwarded an email from a pastor to their congregation explaining their process for responding to the migrant separation crises. Both emails went something like this:




I am writing to express my grave concern about the separation of immigrant families on our border. We must respond quickly to this atrocity. The Gospel of Jesus Christ demands it!


Our social justice group is meeting in a week to discuss how to move forward. After thoughtful diliberation, the group will offer next steps. I am expecting this process to take no less than two weeks.


Then, the leadership of the church will meet to discuss how to proceed. We will begin to pray about moving the congregation forward. I am expecting this process to take no more than three weeks.


Following these meetings, we will discuss formulating our policies. We will also discuss what the risks are to our ministry. I am expecting this process to take no more than a week.


Then, we must meet with our leadership council and social justice groups to discuss consistent facts. I expect this to take no more than a week.


Then, I will call a church meeting. Due to difficulty of scheduling, I would expect this to take about two weeks.


At this point, we will hold the church meeting and decipher what was decided. I would expect this to take no more than a week.


Then, church leadership will meet to decide the exact wording of how to proceed. This should take no more than two weeks.


Following all of these steps, we will vote on how to move forward.


Then, we will need to gather the relevant groups and councils to discuss how to implement the decisions we have made and the steps that we have taken. I don’t know how long this will take.


I look forward to heeding the call of Jesus to respond to the pressing issues of our world. I am proud to be your pastor. We will move as quickly as possible through these steps so that we might be a relevant voice in our age.


With speed.


Your Pastor.


What in the fuck? Three months to respond to an immediate need? Such a response is evil. These needs cannot wait. Jesus is dying and we are meeting to talk about why and how. God is mocked.



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