Lay Down Your Body




How far would I go?


How far would you go?


The halls were dark. Time was drawing to a close. Every step was accompanied by the same words, “Dead body walking.” There was also a whisper, “I was in prison…” Something seemed to be close. The roomed seemed so far away. Fear ravaged the mind. Memories of love crept in. Heavy. Tears refused to come. The door was loud. Everything was white. This was no heaven. This was hell. Persons devoid of souls gathered to watch the spectacle of it all. They lined up. Stones filled their hands. She was placed before them. “May God have mercy on your soul.” Fire! The stones flew. She closed her eyes. The next scream was not her own. On the ground bruised and bloodied was the lifeless incarnation of God. “There is no greater love.”


Would I have the courage?


Would you have the courage?


I walk the long hallways. It is cold. God seems to have left. Death is always close. I drag my soul. No matter how many times I come here…I think the same thing. Would I give my life to stop it? Would I give my life to save one life? Many of the people here are evil in a vast variety of ways. Would I give my life to stop it? Would I give my life to save one? Death row is an interesting place to ask questions of sacrifice. “I was in prison.”


Will I stand in the gap?


Will you stand in the gap?


Our times have grown increasingly evil. Injustice is everywhere. Death is a constant reminder. Have we forgotten? Are we afraid to look at the bodies? Our body is the only body that can stop such carnage. Our body can save the body.


Where shall I die?


Where shall you die?


There are plenty of locations to choose from. The body of God rests with those whose bodies have been abused. Our body can save their body.


The hour is upon us.


What say you?


Choose this day whom you will serve.




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