And about that Freedom of Religion Thing . . . – UPDATED

Update: Pia de Solenni reports on the situation in Iraq, where the fruits of religious intolerance have blossomed in full force.  And those fruits are death.

Update #2: Here in the good ol’ USA, the reaction to an unfavorable court decision is . . . death threats.  Keepin’ it classy.  Permission hereby granted for my worthy opponents to link in the combox to anyone on your side of the debate who is publicly condemning this trash.


Msgr. Pope sums up the situation here:

But here’s a concern: why didn’t the Justices vote 9–0?To be even more clear, if religious liberty, a right given us by God and legally enshrined in the First Amendment, prevailed by only one vote where are we as a country? And how long will that one vote prevail? So, we can celebrate a narrow victory, but why was it narrow?

. . .Where are all the liberals who march under the banners of tolerance? Where are the First Amendment zealots willing to stand with us? They are nowhere to be found, I suspect because it touches on abortion and contraception, which have become like sacraments for them.

Fourth of July in less than a week.  Maybe a reading of the Declaration of Independence is in order.

 Image via Wikimedia [Public Domain]

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