Catholic Life Hacks: Truly Last Minute Saint Costume

If you have a group of children who need a saint costume, stat, ask if anyone can lend you some red lip gloss.

In the hands of a skilled teenager, you can have a company of martyrs of the French Revolution in no time at all.  Hint: A white t-shirt is maybe not the best combination, when you are going for the freshly-decapitated look.  Thank goodness for bleach.


Of course for pure All-Hallow’s-Eve report-giving pleasure, you want a martyr of the Roman Empire.  No really: When she said about how they pulled out her teeth one by one, that was the toned-down version.
Catholic mom negotiating tactics, as heard at my house: If you, precious child, will do for me the thing I want you to do but really can’t force you to do, then I, your mother, will find you a saint who is both obscure and disgusting, so that you can shock and confound all your friends during the saint guessing-game at the party.

You haven’t lived until you’ve trolled Butler’s Lives for gore and got to call it “school.”

But c’mon: There was a fight breaking out among the kids over St. Lucy’s eyeball, which kept being tossed about during reports after sweet little angel-faced Lucy sat down.  It’s just part of the childhood memories.
Harvest festival?  We don’t need no stinkin’ harvest festival.  This is what it means to be Catholic: God gave us guts for a reason, and one way or another, we intend to use them.
File:Martyrs Chretiens entrant a l amphitheatre-Leon Benouville-IMG 8296.JPG
Artwork:François-Léon Benouville [CeCILL or CC BY-SA 2.0 fr], via Wikimedia Commons
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