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Jennifer Fitz is the author of Classroom Management for Catechists, and vice president of the Catholic Writers Guild. In addition to her pile of Catholic writing for Patheos, you can find her at CatholicMom.com, New Evangelizers, and Amazing Catechists. When she isn't blogging, teaching, or complaining about something, she likes to play outside.

100 Things to Do on Thanksgiving Instead of Shopping

It is not necessary for other people to miss out on Thanksgiving so that you can be adequately amused.  Just because the stores are open does not mean you have to go shopping.  Here's a list of alternate ways to entertain yourself on Thursday.1. Visit with your friends or family.2. Bake a pie.3. Watch a movie.4. Go for a walk.5. Play Scrabble.6. Serve Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless.7. Build something with Legos.8. Pray for someone you love.9. Pray for s … [Read more...]

Hating the Holidays as the Precursor to Happiness

You're supposed to be happy now, because it's the holidays.  The rest of the year, a civil disposition generally suffices.  But for the next eight weeks, if you aren't madly in love with every gift, every canape, every delightful holiday fete . . . you aren't just an ungrateful wretch, you're a menace to society. There are Good Reasons to Hate the Holidays The thing about the modern holiday season is that it's come unmoored.  We don't celebrate Thanksgiving, we celebrate Thanks-Getting -- he … [Read more...]

In Favor of Incompetent Housewives

 Your must-read column for today is Calah Alexander's essay on what it's like being part of the current generation of incompetents, "Those Pathetic Millenial Moms.". . .  I was raised by a loving, attentive mother who stayed home until I was in high school. But culture is pervasive. Kids learn it through osmosis, and unless you lock them in a fortress, they’re gonna pick up on it. “Stay-at-home-mom” had a negative connotation for me from the time I began hearing “mom” qualified as su … [Read more...]

The Grace of No #GraceofYes

Jen Holding Grace of Yes by Lisa Hendey

I've joked all summer that I need Lisa Hendey to write me a companion volume to her new book, The Grace of Yes.  It would consist of a single index card with the word NO in giant letters.   She assured me: There's a chapter for you. So when my copy of the The Grace of the Yes arrived, I stared at it nervously for a minute, then quick checked the table of contents.  Chapter 7: The Grace of No.  Written for people like me.  I flipped straight to it, like an alcoholic racing past the bar towards th … [Read more...]

Social Media for Self-Promotion: What’s Acceptable and What’s Just Plain Obnoxious?

Over at Catholic Writers Guild this month, I'm talking about social media for writers.  I start with some comments on why marketing matters, and why it can be a struggle for Catholic authors: For about 5% of authors, marketing is a delight: A chance to get out of the writer’s box, meet people, chat, share the exciting news.  For the rest of us, it’s a chore.  I’d rather be writing.  I’d rather be holed up in my hermitage minding my own business.  I don’t want to bother people.Many of us Cath … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Salvation Controversy by James Akin

The topic of Catholic vs. Protestant views of salvation has come up several times in conversation lately.  With that in mind, here's a reprint of the review I wrote several years ago of Jimmy Akin's book The Salvation Controversy, published by Catholic Answers in 2001.  The book is currently in print in electronic version only, but you can find hard copies used here and there.Read on, and see if you are the target audience.  If you're not, give it a skip; but if you are the likely reader, I' … [Read more...]

Gay and Catholic: What’s Not to Love?

Eve Tushnet's new book Gay and Catholic is this month's Patheos book club book, so you can see a pile of reviews and comments here.  I give it a nearly-unqualified Buy recommend. What is this book? Gay and Catholic is a combination memoir, meditation, and how-to manual for both Catholics who experience same-sex attraction and the people who love them (or ought to).  Think Catholic Nerd Girl's heart-to-heart about life, the Church, and everything.  It's funny, it's literary, and there's som … [Read more...]