USA! Racists!

Harper’s should just give up on covering Republican conventions. It really has no idea how to do it without looking incredibly stupid.

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  • Douglas6

    Is Harper’s still around? Who knew?

  • Rollory

    Do you understand that on the liberal-leaning sites where this was discussed, the original story was noted, commenters said “wow, Republicans are racists”, and the correction was never noticed?

    As far as they’re concerned, reality IS that the puerto rican lady was shouted down, and Harper’s has not made themselves look silly at all.

    Does it matter what points you make in such matters if those points are never noticed by those most directly concerned?

    • section9

      Thanks for pointing this out. This got to Glenn Reynolds, but no farther. However, Harpers’ readers will never know what they are reading.

      • Lester

        Harpers’ has readers?