Margie Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

True story: The other day, I got two calls from the same 800 number in about an hour. Normally, it’s best not to answer calls from unfamiliar numbers but this one was more persistent than most, so I picked up the second time. The person at the other end of the line, who spoke in unaccented American English, asked to speak with Margie.

This has happened a couple of times over the years, so I gather a Margie had my cellphone number before I got it. I told this to the woman. Rather than thank me, she said, “This call may be monitored or recorded and you have a nice day.” Click.

Now, I understand it’s a general legal requirement that telemarketers and bill collectors disclose the call recording thing, but surely there have to be commonsense exceptions. I was not the intended recipient of that call. Why would I sue or complain if she didn’t tell me that? Was a supervisor going to discipline her for not mentioning it? I don’t get it.

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