Ten Infallible Observations About Tonight’s Debate

1. Given the serious fluctuation in the polls everywhere, including in swing states, the stakes for tonight’s debate are incredibly high. 2. If Mitt Romney wins this one decisively, the third debate won’t matter worth a whisker. 3. Regardless of the content of his answers, Obama is going to do his damndest to appear more [Read More…]

Take Responsibility Hillary, Resign

One empty phrase American politicians employ that reeks to the heavens is this: “I take responsibility.” It’s usually used as a way of evading responsibility for a screw-up that, in any decently run government, would be followed by resignation or worse. The latest politician to claim responsibility is Hillary Clinton. She said during a state [Read More…]

Why Republicans Need Grunge

Dan Matthews is the longshot challenger of Washington state congressman Rick Larsen. He’s just cut his first ad titled “Drinking Away the Deficit” capitalizing on the low-grade scandal that erupted this year when it came out that Larsen’s staffers had loose Twitter lips. Here’s the video (more comments below): Spot the problem? [Read more…]

MY USA Today Piece on VP Debates

You can find that here. The title is “One memorable veep debate,” though I argue most of them are fairly memorable. How this happened was USA Today called me up earlier this week and said (and I’m paraphrasing), “Hey Mr. Vice Presidential Expert Guy, how would you like to watch the veep debate between Paul [Read More…]

Divided We Stand! Wait, What?

As part of its big picture approach to this election, the question Patheos has asked many of us bloggers to noodle this week is, “What’s wrong — and what’s right — with the role of faith in American politics today?” I am, unfortunately, a bearer of bad news on this front. After writing my new [Read More…]

Shorts Weather, RIP?

I woke up in Lynden this morning staring out into a fog bank but determined to wear shorts for at least one more day before I put them away for a while. The fog won. The weather has been so nice lately that we still may get a few more days of shorts weather before [Read More…]

Reminder: Free Mitt, Obama and US Religion E-book

Hate to flog this again but, well, actually no I don’t. Yesterday, I announced the release of the short e-book Mitt Romney’s Mormon-Christian Coalition, written by yours truly and published for free through the sponsorship of the conservative weekly Human Events. I’ll have more to say about the substance of that book this week, but [Read More…]

Our First Gay Ex-President?

Over at Politix, David Mark has some fun with Andrew Sullivan’s latest freakout, this time over the possibility that our first gay president might not, in fact be cruising toward reelection. [Read more…]

An Angel Walks into a Bar

Thomas Nelson’s Joel Miller has a new book out about angels, which I blurbed. We ran a promotional piece by Miller in Real Clear Religion yesterday. In the process of giving Hollywood some ideas about how to do angels right, Miller took a few fun digs: Hollywood usually blows it when it comes to angels. [Read More…]

Libertarian Entomology Humor

The lesser of two weevils is still weevil. [Read more…]