There Goes My Superman Hearing

Your diarist is about to sign off and head down to Seattle for the day to watch a Mariners game with Mum, Dad, the kid brother and several relatives rarely heard from. The only thing that could put a damper on things is what appears to be an inner ear infection.

The right ear is full and nearly deaf, which reduces my hearing to about what a normal person can make out. Super hearing has been both my super power and my curse. When people are talking confidentially one or two rooms away, I often have to warn them that they’d better put more distance between us. Today, that won’t be much of a problem.

Less Stalker-y Than Usual!

“I want to win.”

That’s the subject line of Barack Obama’s latest e-mail in my inbox.

I was going to give him some grief about it. However, given my long history of complaints about the stalker-y tone of e-mails from the Obama campaign, this one really isn’t so bad. The president gets a pass, just this once.


Once More Around the Sun

On days like this I like to remind myself that age is just a number — an ever-growing, horrifying number.

Good Old Fashioned Democratic Hate Speech

Why is it that so many literary folks, who have fine judgment when it comes to books, are raving lunatics when they write about politics?

Today’s exhibit is Paul Constant, books editor for the Seattle alt weekly The Stranger. His name is an almost (excuse the pun) constant presence on Real Clear Books. But then he turns to writing about politics, and his IQ plummets like a rock.

In his feature write-up of the Republican and Democratic conventions, Constant begins by complaining about all the stuff that went wrong on his travels. This morphs into complaints about Republicans and then to some disturbingly violent fantasies and then back to complaints. I’ve highlighted some choice bits:

Maybe it was all the negativity of the Republican National Convention [that caused his troubles]. I’m talking about negativity both from the Republican speakers onstage — at times, it felt like the secret meeting of a virulently anti-American organization on the eve of their attempted coup — and from inside me. There were brief, fleeting moments (like when I’d hear someone sputtering about our Muslim president or feminazis) when I wished violence to befall all of us, when I wanted a torrent of switchblades to fall from the sky and reduce us all to slick red ribbons, or a pack of feral, blood-red Dobermans to spring from beneath the sidewalks and drag us all, screaming, back below the hot, sticky tar. [Read more...]

The Great Right Wing Freakout

The very old radio in my Subaru has basically two settings: the default and the backup. The default is 102.7 FM, the Peak, a modern rock station out of Vancouver that has a tolerable mix of old standards and new music. The backup is 790 KGMI AM, the local talk station that runs Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and local newstalker Dillon Honcoop.

The switch goes from the Peak to KGMI whenever the Peak a) has an extended commercial break or b) annoys me, so I get quite a bit of talk radio driving around Whatcom County.

Lately, I have been switching back pretty quick because conservatives are just freaking out over Mitt Romney’s poll numbers. They keep casting them as some sort of media-engineered Democratic plot to reelect Obama.

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Kayser Family: Pride of Lynden

My friend Scott Kayser and family have been the talk of the town this week, and then some. The other day, I got breakfast at a coffee shop in nearby Everson. One of the regulars was said to be running late because he was at home watching Family Feud.

This wasn’t a regular thing for him. He stayed home to watch because some locals, the Kaysers, went on Family Feud and kept winning. The show was taped well in advance but they were contractually bound to silence about its outcome, so a lot of people rearranged their schedules or played hookey to find out.

Well, now we know that they went all the way. They won a big cash prize and a new car, though Scott informed me that they took the cash value of the car because “it’s hard to split a car five ways.” Survey says: He’s right about that.

Why I’m Voting for Bob Lott

I was at the usual Sunday night thing the other week. A relative newcomer found out that I worked for a sister site to Real Clear Politics. We bantered a bit, then he tried to pin me down politically.

“Who are you voting for for president?” he asked.

“Bob Lott,” I said. “He’s even got the perfect slogan: Bob Lott, Why not?”

“No, but seriously…”

“I am serious,” I cut him off. “We don’t elect a president via the popular vote, we use an electoral college to elect a president and that’s winner-take-all. There is no chance Washington state will go for Romney and so I get to vote for the guy I actually want to vote for, my dad.”

I cast a ballot for Dad in the last presidential election and actually endorsed him in the American Spectator. Technically, the Spectator is not allowed to run endorsements, but they decided that only applies to actual candidates.

This time around, I had a few Bob Lott buttons made up and left one on the counter at my parents’ place when they were out. They look like this:

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