Jesus, Refugees, + The Christian Response – A Whole Woman Summit Session with Tess Clarke

Friends, we are half-way through the Whole Woman Summit and it’s been absolutely amazing. The speakers have brought such incredible content, I’m actually blown away.


But today, Tess Clarke, a co-founder of Seek The Peace and the director of Women’s Empowerment, gave such a moving talk on the refugee crisis — with good, hard data and facts that will shock you — that before she was even done talking, Lisa and I decided we needed to release this video publicly and for free.


Please feel free to share this video. It might change the way you, or some of your friends, feel about the greatest humanitarian crisis we’ve seen in our lifetime. The video is raw and unedited — but the content is top notch.

"Thank you for this wonderful, lovely, well-thought-out, well-written, & very important post! ^_^"

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