McKnight, Martoia and

Borders.jpg This is what I found at Border’s. Here’s the image. As you can see, they managed to get The Blue Parakeet’s author as a certain former, pretty student of mine named Ron Martoia:

This is Ron Martoia and it does not surprise me one bit that Borders got Ron and Scot McKnight mixed up. “Which one is which?” is surely the question everyone asks. They call Ron “GQ” … 
Is the real Scot McKnight on the left or the right? Other than our appearance, what are the reasons for Border mixing us up?


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  • Jon

    it must be the marketing strategy I guess…image sells. Or I guess they were just looking for a younger picture of you. haha. But still, the mix up is quite something, all your hard worked ideas, and Ron gets all the credit. 🙂

  • T

    It’s the jeans.

  • SuperStar

    Maybe this is why Borders is close to, if not in, bankruptcy. They not only can’t run a website, but they lost a ton of sales because people were looking for THE BLUE PARAKEET by Scot McKnight and it couldn’t be found.

  • Yeah, Scot, once you started wearing jeans, a lot of us began confusing you with Ron.
    Don’t sweat it. Borders will be out-of-business in a couple months anyway.

  • dopderbeck

    I dunno about Borders, but if they would put Ron’s picture on the book jacket, my teenage daughter would buy it!

  • Leo

    By day – he poses as a mild mannered professor…
    Yet when danger rears its head – he becomes…RON!!!

  • On the bright side, it’s got you listed on the bottom of the page as a contributor. That, and let’s just say that I wouldn’t want to be the one who has to distinguish between the two of you in a police lineup.

  • Which one Scot? I am so confused…
    Who runs Borders??

  • Ok Gang Borders serve Scotty a big old watermelon to smash out of the park. I gave him some facebook grief yesterday and I should know better than trying to give him %^&*@ about anything. I do want to say there is something to the jeans comments however. Tony, you are right. I have had numerous people wonder if in fact I was Scot or me. And I am sure Scot has lost thousands of sales by the wrong attribution of authorship.