Is Facebook the Future Blog?

Some of you — like us — have both a blog and a Facebook account. Some suggest the future blog will be on Facebook while others say Facebook is so much more for networking and interpersonal stuff and e-mailing that it will never replace the more content- or conversation-shaped blog. What do you think? What are the advantages of Facebook? Of a blog?

About Scot McKnight

Scot McKnight is a recognized authority on the New Testament, early Christianity, and the historical Jesus. McKnight, author of more than fifty books, is the Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary in Lombard, IL.

  • Carlo

    I think it will probably be about a combination of these in order to reach your various audiences. Some use facebook, some tap into the blogosphere and some prefer to tweet. Microblogging (including facebook) will become increasingly important but 140 characters is somewhat limiting, so i reckon there will still be the need for blogs…. for a while at least.

  • phil_style

    I link to my blog from facebook, but it will never surplant my blog. I try to keep my facebook profile very private, witgh the highest possible security setting so only my friends can view it. I also keep my friends list to an absolute minimum. I recently culled 150 people.
    The blog is much more public, and I try not to give too much away on there about my real life, although i’m sure a pretty thourough picture could be painted by piecing all the posts together.. ..

  • Jeff Lutz

    Facebook is a closed community. That is, you usually have to apply for friendship to be included in the conversation. A blog is open and pretty much anyone can be a part of the conversation. That’s not to say that the groups in FB can’t be like blogs/forums, but I don’t see FB replacing the blogs, only complimenting them.

  • Jon

    I don’t think facebook will replace the blog. I’m like phil_style, i link my blog from facebook too. But the problem with facebook is only your friends would be able to see your blog posts. I rarely get comments on facebook compared to my blog. I think facebook will only work as a social networking site and nothing more. The blog will still rule.

  • Dave Crampton

    Like you, I have a Facebook,a blog and a twitter. I don’t think Faceboook will replace the blog as not all Facebookers blog, as some use it to keep in touch with rellies. Facebook is more private.But I think most tweeters blog or have a website/facebook. I link to Twitter from the blog, link to the blog from Facebook and Twitter and have button links on my blog for all my online spaces. I think people will be reading blogs less, Twitter more and Facebook about the same. Actually, Ive seen that already. Twitter is like a mini-blog network. All three will be around for some time now.

  • kent

    Frankly, I don’t spend enough time on Facebook to understand or navigate it well. There are many features that I am not interested in. As for Twitter I am not even interested – it is application that has little usefulness to me.

  • Chris E

    I assume that as bband gets built out globally, and esp. in the West, text blogging will be partly replaced by video blogging. People would then be free to comment via video, text, or a mixture.

  • George Davis

    Since you raise the issue of facebook/blogging, I would enjoy a discussion about how these types of online interaction shapes us socially.
    I have been intrigued by some of the articles published at the New Atlantis, a journal of technology and society (e.g., ) that discuss these issues in a thought-provoking way.
    Anyway, this is just an idea for a future post…

  • zacworkun

    interesting question… for me it is interesting because i am only recently “blogging” as opposed to “noting” on facebook, but i would agree that facebook is somewhat of limited/closed audience (although i dont know anyone that would turn down a chance to add/meet/creep/stalk/follow a new person/friend) but recently i have felt the need to be more exacting with my thoughts and seek out a larger audience to converse, discuss, and digest ideas… so it is doubtful that one will replace the other, but undoubtedly one will overcome the other… facebook is just growing so fast and adding so much… what is really interesting is whether or not microblogging via twitter (or whatever else you use) will create a special link between the realm of traditional blogging and facebook statusing (which has become a sort of stream blog)… time will tell but what is for certain is that they are getting easier and easier to manage!
    thanks for the post scot… enjoy the blog and the books

  • Carl Holmes

    I will say since I have been on Facebook I have not blogged as much. I think that is more a factor of time then because I believe one will suplant the other.
    I like the connectivity of Facebook, but when it comes to sharing ideas, hashing out my beliefs I still use a good blog post to start a dialogue.

  • Your Name

    I love facebook and use it constantly, but I use it sort of in place of text messaging, phone calls, and snail mail. It is a way to keep up with people, sent photos, and get in touch. It is very interpersonal.
    My blog, on the other hand, is where I write my thoughts. It is about the content and dialoguing with people that care about the same things that I write about, and less about relationships with individuals. I do not think that facebook will replace blogs.

  • Brandon T. Milan

    Facebook is most useful for connecting with those people who are already friends and associates. If Facebook notes/etc. take the place of blogs, then those conversations will be much less accessible and, therefore, much less interesting. With that being said, Twitter has already ruined much of the blogosphere. There are quite a few blogs that I once read consistently, but the authors started posting less and less… why? because they were twittering. Twittering about the various things that they were doing that day. Like eating. And working. And pooping. And sleeping. Everyone does those things… I would like to say “Noone cares about that.” But according to the popularity of twitter, apparently a lot of people do care.

  • Tyler (Man of Depravity)

    While you can have a blog on Facebook through notes or an app, I think blogs and Facebook are very separate. Having a blog outside of Facebook only increases one’s web influence and power, which is what most bloggers want.

  • Wayne Park

    A recent issue of Wired just talked about this. Saying to get rid of your blog – and a bunch of readers pushed back saying “don’t do that”; use the facebook and twitter combo to network and connect but drive all that traffic towards your central thing; which is the blog. Makes sense to me – dunno if I’m ready to ditch blogging just yet in favor of FB..

  • reJoyce

    I’ve got a lot of personal stuff on my Facebook; I use it to keep up with my family and friends and share info with them that I wouldn’t necessarily want to share with anyone who might be reading my blog. I’m fine with promoting my blog to my friends via my FB, but I wouldn’t ditch the blog.

  • Ken Schenck

    I’ve wondered if this is a future trend. I pipe my blog into Facebook notes and have recently seen a surge in comments on Facebook. At the same time, for me they are slightly different audiences. My friends on Facebook are former students and old high school and seminary friends going through mid-life crisis with me. :-) My blog has more of a church and academic audience. So right now, Facebook is only extending my audience, not replacing it.

  • matt stephens

    loaded question! depends on how you conceive of a blog. if it’s content-driven (particularly original thoughts or reactions to other thoughts, events, etc.) then facebook doesn’t hold a candle to the blog. facebook isn’t for thinking or engaging in dialogue, much less disseminating well-developed ideas. it appeals to the ADD generation. for the rest of us, it’s just a nice way to stay in the know on many people we really don’t care all that much about (otherwise we’d invite them for coffee, give them a call, or at worst, write them an email).

  • Ken

    Facebook is a nice feature for keeping up on friends and family, and maybe networking, but not for blogging. If you are looking to use blogging to update people on your life, and you want to control who can read those blogs, then facebook is the way to go.
    But because of the design of facebook, not everyone can read your posts, so if you are looking to have a wider audience than just those you friend on facebook, then having a public blog is the better choice.
    (side-note: interesting how facebook was once a site designed for networking, but now it is more just for family and friends to keep up on each other. food for thought)

  • Pat

    As a reader of blogs and a new member to Facebook, I have to say that I much prefer blogs for devotional, academic reading. I suppose if someone were to put one Facebook that I wanted to read, I would go there, but just a few days after joining Facebook, the novelty of it wore off for me. That might be because the majority of my network are co-workers who use it to post personal info, pics and musings.