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The Real Jesus Creed

Who wants to tell a story about the hardest (next-door) neighbor they’ve had to learn how to love? The practical reality is that it is much easier to want to love your neighbor than to love your neighbor in deed.   [Read more…]

Ministering to and with Widows

Every pastor needs this book on the shelf. Every church needs five copies of this book in store. And of course every widow could benefit from this book because it is written to help with “the new you.” That book is Miriam Neff’s From One Widow to Another: Conversations on the New You . Written [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 35

The narrative of Acts shifts back to Peter, and Peter’s story is about his healings which set up his mission to Gentiles — showing that Peter and Paul were on the same page: the gospel is for all. 9:32 Now as Peter was traveling around from place to place, he also came down to the saints [Read More…]

Economics at the Jesus Creed: Michael Kruse 4

This series is by Michael Kruse and it concerns economics — a basics in economics. Most of us, and I include myself, no next to nothing about how economics work and so this series is here for the education of all of us. (Thanks Mike.) Division of labor, mechanization, and trade has given rise to [Read More…]

The Paradox of Freedom

Michael Card, known mostly for his lyrics and music and concerts (and one of my favorite Christian musicians), has explored how it is that Christians find freedom. And what he has discovered is that freedom comes through slavery, which is the subject of his new book: A Better Freedom: Finding Life As Slaves of Christ [Read More…]

Parkcrest Christian in Long Beach

The space may be land-locked, but Parkcrest Christian Church is growing and expanding all ways: spiritually, geographically, and numerically. Led by Mike Goldsworthy, one of the younger megachurch pastors in the USA, Parkcrest reaches into the neighborhoods and into the lives of folks in Long Beach. I was thrilled with the salt of the earth [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 34

Our examination of the missional theme of Acts continues — Paul’s life is dramatically changed. He shifts from persecution to mission, and the result is that he now experiences what the disciples had been experiencing at his hand. (If you are looking for commentaries on Acts, here are my recommendations: Acts.) The irony is noticeable [Read More…]

Science and Christian Virtue 1 (RJS)

Last week I posted on an article from Discover Magazine on the science of sin (Part One and Part Two). This article described a number of studies where the human brain was imaged as a function of external stimulus. These kinds of studies are in their infancy – so the results should be considered with [Read More…]

Deep Church as Third Way 7

Is there a Third Way for worship?  Jim Belcher, in Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional examines this question and contends there is a genuine third way beyond the traditional and the emerging. What is your church doing to recover the ancient worship traditions? What are first steps for discovering our roots? Jim’s [Read More…]

Adultery, Jesus and the Church

Nightline is doing a series on the Ten Commandments. The first show, which was last Thursday, was about adultery, the Seventh Commandment.  We think Jesus shifted the focus of the 7th Commandment to the violation of love and made fidelity radical and essentially relational. What do you think? The Seventh Commandment is as simple as [Read More…]