Another blue bird in our backyard (not a parakeet)

We just spotted this Indigo Bunting at our feeder.

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  • RJS


  • Seaton

    My bird book says that their feathers aren’t blue, they’re black. Believe it or not.

  • Paul Bruggink

    We have several of them at our feeders, and I didn’t even write a book (very good book, BTW).

  • Scot McKnight

    Well, Seaton, they’re dark but a little brownish too.
    I’m wondering if any birders — Jim Eisenbraun there? — out there have anything to say?

  • Scot McKnight

    My observations: not a Blue Jay, not an Eastern Bluebird, finch size, no other real blue birds in our area but an Indigo Bunting.

  • Paul Bruggink

    It looks like an indigo bunting to me.

  • Luke

    That’s definitely an indigo bunting; in my opinion one of the prettiest birds in North America. Nice set up you got there, Scot!

  • Steve

    Our group who attended Pepperdine from Florida agrees that your presentation in Elkins auditorium on Blue Parakeet was the best class presentation we heard. Any chance you will be a regular in Malibu? Should we send Jerry Rushford a few 50’s toward that end?
    Steve Puckett
    Melbourne, FL