A Nice Letter

I won’t say who wrote this, but it’s nice to hear this sort of thing from readers (and practitioners). Reciting the Jesus Creed can be a morally-transforming (and family-shaping) habit …

Hey Scot,

I wanted to share something with you.  My family and I have been practicing the Jesus Creed daily; we recite it in the mornings when we get up and in the evenings before the kids head off to bed.  Yesterday my oldest son remarked to my wife, “You know, saying the Jesus Creed all the time makes me want to be nicer to people.”

This was an unsolicited comment, and we haven’t talked about the idea that something might begin to happen in our souls through this experience.  Perhaps this is no surprise to you, but it was to us.  God is moving through this spiritual practice in our family.  Thanks again …


To read about the Jesus Creed, see: The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others.

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  • Nick


    I feel the exact same way. I’m only 5 chapters in to Jesus Creed but I was really touched by the story of the Jesus Prom. My immediate thoughts were, “I wonder if we could do something like that in this town?” It is making me so thankful for the Father’s love and that he has welcomed me to be a part of his new society where his will is done. I also snuck a head to the chapter on the cross and it looks very edifying and balanced. Thank you for this book. My wife and I will read it together right after we are done with Simply Christian.



  • http://www.gettingoffthenicenesstreadmill.com/ Carol Noren Johnson

    Just ordered my copy from Amazon.