How’s your Greek?

This post is for those who learned Greek in college or seminary, have mostly abandoned it, feel bad about it, and want some encouragement.

Constantine Campbell, an Aussie, has a new book just for you: short, clear, and full of zest. It’s called: Keep Your Greek: Strategies for Busy People.

Ten short chps, ten good ideas, and all designed to get you back into a Greek habit — so you can understand the Bible and so you can help others understand the Bible. The chps begin with a point from someone who knows Greek, then a brief discussion of the point, then a record of some blogging about the point.

Highly recommended! Urgently recommended!

And it’s cheap, too.

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  • keo

    What is the point of the blog responses contained in this book?

  • smcknight

    Interactive with the content; it’s a postmodern thing probably.

  • rjs

    Yet another book more than a month from release …who will remember?

  • keo

    Hmmm. Burn Your Interlinear is a provocative chapter title.

  • Richard

    No catty response from the Catman here. I look forward to looking into this. I’ll be retiring in a couple of years and one of my retirement goals is to master NT Greek as best as I can. No real reason other than I want to be able to read the scriptures in the Greek for myself. I took 2 years of Greek in Bible College, can use helps but my dream has been to master this beautiful language. Plus, it will keep my aging brain active.

  • Matt Edwards

    I’m almost done with my third time through the Greek NT since seminary (2005)! It gets easier every time. Now it’s just Acts and the epistles not written by Paul or John that slow me down.

    Vocabulary flashcards are the biggest help. When I’ve preached through a book, I’ve made it a point to memorize every word in that book so that I could read through it without any helps.

    Starting in 2011 I want to read through twice per year.

  • smcknight

    Good for you Matt.

  • EricW

    Good Good Good for you, Matt!

  • I’m working on a resource to help keep up with your greek by incorporating it into morning and evening prayer… I’ll send you a copy when it’s done

  • Jon G

    Any thoughts for those who are looking for instruction in learning Greek? Not just those looking to reinvigorate their Greek?

  • Larry Barber

    Yet another book more than a month from release …who will remember?

    Put it on your Amazon wish list (like I just did).

  • rjs


    Wish list can work – but the book is also available now.

    When this was initially posted on Nov. 1 Amazon was saying December before it would be available.

  • MatthewS

    This looks very cool. I like the pricing. New: $7.85, Used: $43.47.

    Matt, I’m inspired by your example! What a great example.