Which of these is the best?

Jailhouse Rock, by Mr Elvis Presley:

Always on my Mind

Love Me Tender


Suspicious Minds

"We don't believe you. We show you proof, you'll just say the proof isn't good ..."

Preposterous Or Not Preposterous?
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Preposterous Or Not Preposterous?
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Preposterous Or Not Preposterous?

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  • Kenton

    I know it’s cliche to prefer early Elvis to late Elvis, but I still have to go with early Elvis.

    Love Me Tender edges out Jailhouse Rock. Jailhouse Rock is a better song, but Elvis was a performer not a songwriter, and Love Me Tender was one of his best performances.

  • Snowbyrrd

    I am going to have to vote for Jailhouse Rock!

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephanie.seefeldt steph seefeldt


    ok, ok.

    suspicious minds.

    but ‘little less conversation’ would be my most fave elvis tune.

  • Watchman

    Now, you’re talking. Elvis is a classic. He had real talent unlike those four Brits from Liverpool. 😉

  • http://cdntheologianscholar.wordpress.com Amanda

    Suspicious Minds. Followed closely by Jailhouse Rock.

  • Rick in TX

    Kenton nailed it. Elvis 56 trumps Elvis 68. Elvis 68 trumps Elvis 70s. Watchman however is just messing with your head!

  • SuperStar

    Jailhouse Rock by far. It helped launch the rock n roll scene even more quickly worldwide. Sappy Elvis might have been popular with the ladies, but it didn’t start a movement.

  • discokvn

    love me tender

    suspicious minds

    always on my mind

    jailhouse rock

  • Mich

    Jailhouse Rock!