Derek Webb
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  • Kenny Johnson

    Well, you can’t get the all right. 😉 Just kidding. I’ve never been much of a DW fan. I just never thought he was a very good songwriter. His provocative lyrics are interesting and it’s certainly seems like a talented performer and player, but his songs never left me wanting more.

  • JoeyS

    His music drew me back to the church, helped me find my calling to church ministry. He says some difficult things but seems to have a prophetic gift. I, for one, and thankful for this brother and his willingness to say what needs to be said.

  • smcknight


    I had not listened to him much until JR Briggs pointed me toward him, and I really like the Mockingbird album.

  • joel

    It was Mockingbird that turned me onto him. Slowly acquiring his music. My son (15 y/o) really likes his music as well.

    His Democracy project is fun… Covers, including one of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, the Beatle’s Eleanor Rigby, etc.

  • Jonathan

    New Law is one of my favorite songs.

  • smcknight

    I see New Law as a seering look into the lack of courage on the part of Christians to live out the teaching of Jesus in the power of the Spirit, but instead seeking for something takes away responsibility.

  • Deborah

    my first thought is how the blind will see again through the power of the Gospel.

  • Dweb….love him!

  • ‘She must and shall go free’ was HUGE in my life. I hold Derek Webb in high esteem. He’s great.

  • Alison

    @steph seefeldt: “She Must and Shall Go Free” wrecked me. I can remember sitting up for several hours, listening to that one over and over again. Haven’t listened to it in a while tho. Methinks my iPod needs to be updated to have that one in it! I liked him when he was part of Caedmon’s Call, and the stuff he’s done on his own is awesome.

  • Tommy

    The music of Derek Webb has been a major blessing and encouragement to me. His stuff is worth close listening and consideration. Stockholm Syndrome was a musical/lyrical masterpiece.

  • jane spriggs

    Great song…love Derek Webb’s lyrics because of their challenge to us as believers. Love the end – ‘do not be afraid’, because it’s much harder and scarier to walk this out trusting in the Spirit, than someone telling us what to do.

  • JoeyS

    Alison and Steph……me too.

  • chad miller

    This is the kind of music that is not played on christian radio stations that are safe for the whole family, it seems like the christian music industry and much of contempary worship songs have not influenced enough by rich missional/anabatist/kingdom gospel – Derek webb case and point had to leave Cadmans call to sing about what he really believed.

  • Rodney

    To me Derek Webb is a prophet (a title, I’m sure, he would deflect). “New Law” is a brilliant social commentary on Christian sub-culture. The video makes my heart weep every time I see it–especially the part where parents cover the eyes of their children (btw, I don’t think the video was developed/produced by Webb–it was created by a group of Christians who were equally inspired by his music).

  • #1 Kenny: This makes me wonder how much of Derek’s songwriting you are familiar with. Sometimes he pushes it with the controversial stuff, but even still, he is an incredible songwriter, and has been even from the early Caedmon’s days. To each his own, I guess.

    Everyone else: Mockingbird is great, Stockholm Syndrome is different, but equally great.

    The Ringing Bell is a masterpiece.

    But the one to top them all, is his most recent release, an instrumental suite inspired by the Lord’s Prayer, entitled Feedback.

    Feedback is incredible, and you should all do to derek’s website and buy it right now.