Derek Webb: My First Allegiance

I see this as a Christmas song — or an Advent song — one that deals with the hope of a New King.

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The Bible Tells Us So (RJS)

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  • chad m

    this is an incredible song! “A King and A Kingdom”

  • Irenicum

    Holy cow! I recorded this video! He was at Hope College performing this and a bunch of others. Thanks for posting this Scot!

  • Ben Hammond

    Big Derek Webb fan. Have been since his CD Mockingbird was temporarily available for free when it was first released. Good thing too, because if it wasn’t free I may not have ever listened and bought both of the following CDs.

  • smcknight

    Ben, Mockingbird was the first album I heard of his too. Listened for a week solid.

  • JoeyS

    The Church (in fact, the whole album She Must and Shall Go Free) is also a great Christmas song.

  • Nathanael

    It’s so refreshing to have a voice in Christian music that doesn’t just recite the party line.

    Thank you Mr. Webb.

  • chad m

    not sure if you still can, but his albums were on for free for a bit…