Blue Parakeet’s New Arrival

Nope, not the one in the backyard or on our feeder.

Instead, I’m happy to announce — and have been asked to announce — that The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible is now in paperback. For about a year it has been available only in clothbound in the USA (though in paper in other countries), so I’m happy to see this book made cheaper and therefore more accessible.

What’s the book about? It’s an introduction to how to read the Bible as Story, it gives the basics on how to “apply” the Bible — or, better yet, live the Story in our world, and about one third of the book makes the case for increasing women in ministry in our local churches. The big point I make about women in ministry, and this is designed for those who want to be biblical and not just fight this on the justice front, is that we need to ask this:

What did Women Do (in the Bible)? WDWD?

Do women do in your churches (at least) what they do in the Bible days? (Or, just how biblical is your church?)

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  • In case you want to know more about the book, I’m happy to point you to this favorable review. 🙂

  • OOOooo… Is it Kindle ready yet?

  • Mich

    TBP available on the Kindle: YES

  • Barb

    I’ve lead two groups through this book, one women’s group and one men/women. It’s a great book for discussions.

  • Justin

    I asked for this for Christmas. I’m sure it’s worth the read!

  • I was floored to find the paperback in a Christmas discount basket at my local Chistian bookstore in Australia for a ridiculous $3. Having read it myself last year, I quickly procured it and am gifting it to a friend this Christmas. Wonderful luck!

  • Just put in my order! Thanks for the heads up

  • Good news Scot! I was actually thumbing through my hardback copy today when I was doing some thinking about the Bible as story. This is truly a great read! The paperback edition will be a great opportunity to get this in the hands of more folks in the pews. The study on women in ministry is worth its weight in gold!