Patheos and Blog Changes

Some of you may have noticed that the blog has a slightly new address (instead of it is now — I’m told the old address redirects to the new one), we have an upgraded WordPress program (which is good for us who write on this blog), and Patheos now has a new App for your Smart Phones.

Anyone care to make comments about the changes?

About Scot McKnight

Scot McKnight is a recognized authority on the New Testament, early Christianity, and the historical Jesus. McKnight, author of more than fifty books, is the Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary in Lombard, IL.

  • Rick

    I am having problems getting your main page to pull up. The individual posts show up fine, just not the main page.

  • Gloria

    It is very slow.
    My first attempt to make a comment I was told I am commenting too quickly????

  • TSG

    updated with bugs

  • Erik

    Hallelujah for a mobile blog view! I understand why you might truncate your posts in RSS feeds but I was having such a horribly slow time of reading on my iPhone where I do the majority of my reading. Looks good so far to me.

  • Erik

    After a second look, your share buttons on the mobile-friendly page are not displaying properly.

  • RJS

    I am not having any trouble with the speed, but the sharing buttons on the phone version are on top of the text – making it a bit hard to read.

  • Ann Phillips

    Mark Roberts’ blog claims to be deleted. I can only get there by clicking on the name of the post. It took me a while to find the button for the post feed, so I could read ones I had missed. It is very awkward and roundabout. Everything else looks fairly normal.

  • MikeK

    Re: smart phone app from Patheos. Anyone find this on iTunes yet?

  • Mark Farmer

    Really appreciate the smart phone format.

  • RJS

    MikeK, I don’t think it is an app – just a mobile format that works better on the phone.

  • AHH

    Like Rick @1 said, main Jesus Creed page does not display correctly.
    Testing with the 2 browsers I have easily at my disposal, it looks fine on Firefox, but is fouled up on MSIE (version 8). Both from a (Windows XP) PC.
    Also seems to come up slower than before.

    The main page loading problem may be something specific to your blog; main page of Roger Olson’s blog loads OK (albeit slowly).

  • James F. McGrath

    Hi Scot! This is the first I have heard about the app, and a search on iTunes for “Patheos” didn’t find it. Do tell me more!

  • Scot McKnight

    James, sorry, but it’s a mobile phone thing I guess. See comment #10.

  • MikeK

    rjs @#10: thanks

  • DRT

    I stumbled on the smart phone version at the doc’s office, it was nice.

  • Mick Porter

    Much, much quicker to use on a phone – hopefully they will sort out the overlapping bits at the top of the page but I’d say it’s a huge improvement.

  • Becka Jarvis

    Um, it’s doing weird stuff for me – switching between the page I’m used to seeing, to an odd white one with everything down the left hand side in plain type. Maybe I’ll try firefox?

  • RJS

    This mobile view is much much better for reading and commenting from my phone. It loads a bit slowly, but not as slow as the regular site did. Commenting is no comparison.

  • DRT

    I use Opera on the phone, highly recommended. Firefox at home and IE (blech) at work.

    Opera loads the main page nearly instantaneously at 3g.

  • Karen Spears Zacharias

    I didn’t even know there was a smart phone app. Hahaha!

  • EricG

    The only downside with the smartphone version is that comments aren’t numbered.

  • AHH

    What Becka @17 describes is exactly what I am seeing in IE for the main page. All the stuff normally along the right edge now starting the page along the left in simple text form, and below that a less-formatted version of the posts. All without the usual beige background.
    I believe this happens when a page with lots of “stuff” on it is loading too slowly and IE gives up on doing fancy layout and switches to a simpler rendering.
    This can happen if one’s connection is slow, but this time it must be a problem on the Patheos side since I also have the problem when looking at the site from work, where my connection is REAL fast.

  • RJS


    I just went and tested internet explorer – and it is terrible for me as well. It loads very slowly and often gives the limited formatting.

    The blog works just fine with firefox, which is my normal browser.

  • Jennifer

    Yeah, the main page loads all funky for me too.

  • Betty F

    I have the same trouble as #17, I have to go out of the site and come in again when the odd page she mentions comes up. It is very much slower loading the first page.
    Let us know if we have to use a different browser.

  • RJS

    Betty F,

    For now using Firefox seems to avoid all of the problems. I’ve only seen them with Internet explorer.

    But I expect the problems should be fixed as soon as possible.

  • Paul W

    I have the same Internet explorer problems as the rest are having.

  • AHH

    Still broken on Internet Explorer as of this morning.
    Even looking at it in Firefox, my security software just popped up a warning about high memory usage in FIrefox, which is a sign something isn’t right.

    Maybe a lesson is not to introduce major changes like this immediately before a long holiday weekend — because then you are stuck with it for a while as whoever would be supposed to fix it is probably on vacation.

  • Fred


    Good point. Maybe they were hoping people would be eating rather than surfing.


    I took the opportunity to switch to Firefox. This is a bit off topic but is there a way to import my Favorites from IE to the Bookmarks? If I remember correctly, when I used Firefox several years ago, I could do that.

  • RJS


    If you haven’t figured it out yet (as I am late to the comments here) you can go to bookmarks –> show all bookmarks –> import and backup –> import data from another browser.

    If you don’t see bookmarks at the top then right click and enable the menu bar first.

  • Fred

    Thanks, RJS!! I haven’t spent much time looking but this will save me some work. Much appreciated.