The Life of a Crow
"That makes sense to some extent, but has no grounding in what the scriptures actually ..."

Baptism Of Infants, One More Time
"I think that knowledge and understanding is indeed relevant to the question to do with ..."

Baptism Of Infants, One More Time
"Totally agree about all of us, baptized young or old, should grow in knowledge. Again, ..."

Baptism Of Infants, One More Time
"I don't know... It's not that I disagree about the distinction between "revival" and "revivalism," ..."

Burned Out On Revivalism

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  • Tim Bordeaux

    there is beauty and wonder all around us.

  • Beakerj

    Go crow! (plus unrelated words to bring this comment up to postable length)

  • PLTK

    Love this! Thanks for sharing it. Too often we forget that we are not the only creatures that experience fun and joy in our lives.

  • Dana Ames

    That bird is most certainly *playing*.


  • DRT

    I put it on my Facebook too. Wonderful, thanks.