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Next May we will be leading a tour of Asia Minor and a hike from Nazareth to Capernaum, and when we come up over the Mount of Beatitudes and see Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee below us (shown in the picture), we will almost be there. Think about joining us.

There’s nothing quite like a Bible study looking over the Sea of Galilee.

Here are some of the details:

The big picture: we will fly into Instanbul (Constantinople), tour some of the cities of Peter and Paul and John in Asia Minor, fly to Tel Aviv, get a bus to Nazareth, Jesus’ home town, and then the unique part of this trip is that we will go on a four-day hike from Nazareth to Capernaum. Then we will bus down to Jerusalem to spend a day in Jerusalem.

Please think of joining Kris and me on this life-time of memories tour. Our intent is to join other Christians in reflecting on our faith as we experience the holy land and sacred spaces that were significant in the lives of Jesus and the apostles.

Yes, of course, daily meditations and Bible studies and excursions into history and archaeology in order to illuminate the Bible and our faith.

We are happy to announce the original expected cost for the tour has dropped 10%!

To download the following announcement as a brochure, go here.

Estimated price of $4495 from Chicago, per person, double occupancy includes: Round-trip airfare to Istanbul Turkey and Tel Aviv, Israel on a scheduled carrier, 9+ days touring the sites listed in Israel and Turkey, first class hotels (and for the Jesus Trail portion of the tour) with guest house (shared bathroom)/bed & breakfast type accommodations. Also, breakfast and dinner daily and all transfers, entrance fees, taxes and tips to hotels, drivers and guides. Air-conditioned coaches for travel and touring in Turkey and in Israel; the first four-days of touring in Israel is by foot on the Jesus Trail.

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  • Dianne P

    Oh my… just what I was looking for! Nice job putting this together Scot. So we just give our deposit to the tour provider and sign up??? Yay.

  • scotmcknight

    Dianne, Yes, that’s what to do… Yay right back!

  • DRT

    I can’t decide if the crowd on this trip will be actively talking with each other or communicating via Scot’s blog even while together…..

  • Count us in for the next tour – when our kids are out of college! We’re sorry to miss this one!

  • Barb

    We are just about ready to sign up. I have a question–when we are hiking the Jesus Trail will our luggage get transported for us (we carry only day packs) or will we be carrying all our stuff–backpacking vs. day hike mode?

  • Terry

    Barb, yes, porterage for bags betweens inns and guest houses will be taken care of for you. As our guide Miriam says: “you won’t have to schlep around your luggage.”

  • Jordan Doty

    Went on a two week mission trip to Israel to help renovate old neighborhood bomb shelters this past September with about 30 people from our church in South Texas. We met up with several people from ur church who minister there 6 months out of the year. It was amazing to learn from the Arab and Jewish people, to tell them there are people around the world who care for them and are praying for them, and to serve and share the liberating, fulfilling, and completing good news of Jesus Christ. Everyone we met and served were amazingly welcoming and thankful, many were Jewishly agnostic but with a real fascination to experience less religion and rules and discover more about life-changing relationship.

    Then taking some time to tour and see everything from Mt. Carmel, Mt. hermon, the beautiful Galillean country and Lakeside in the north, to Masada, En Gedi, and the amazingly beautiful beach-coast Dead Sea in the south, to the Mediterranean Coast and Jordan River in between, and finally to the powerful sites in and around Jerusalem, was more amazing than I could ever have imagined. I would want to move to Galilee and live by the quiet lake side. By all means, please find some way to go on this trip.

    Whatever the resources spent, if it changes the way you see your faith and the importance of using this life to the max, giving a deeper appreciation of our grand Bible narrative, lands, culture, history, (even helping us realize that our relationship with God can be just as amazing back home again, thanks to the ever-present power of the holy spirit), and giving us the radical urgency to share the good news of Christ with others, there and back again at home, can be money well invested…