What Men Want

What Men Want February 6, 2013

From USAToday:

And according to a broad national survey of almost 5,500 unattached adults 21 and older, those qualities, attitudes and expectations illustrate cultural shifts in how singles approach relationships.

Among the findings:

— 38% would cancel a date because of something they found while doing Internet research on their date.

— 42% would not date a virgin.

— 65% would not date someone with credit card debt greater than $5,000; 54% would not date someone with substantial student loan debt.

— 49% would consider getting into a committed relationship with someone who lived at home with parents.

Among the “must haves,” women want respect and men want someone in whom to trust and confide; both rate a sense of humor as key qualities for a partner.

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  • AHH

    Do we get to judge based on whether or not she knows how to count to 10, as USA Today apparently doesn’t?

  • scotmcknight

    AHH, blame me for that one. I couldn’t get it all inside the space for the blog so I deleted #10.

  • Emily

    Grammar? I highly doubt that’s true. I wonder if this is referring to spoken language or written language. It makes sense with online dating, but I can’t imagine it being a major factor otherwise, especially being that it probably wouldn’t come up within the first several dates of a non-internet-based relationship.

  • AHH

    While I am not saying this is how it *should* be, I am very surprised that “weight” does not show up on this chart. Not that model-thinness is a necessity, but speaking as a guy who was single to age 37 I think for most obesity is more of a “turn-off” than, for example, anything shoe-related.
    The “must haves” do ring true, though.

    Would be interesting to see if findings were significantly different for Christian singles — I’d hope at least “unwilling to date a virgin” would be much different …

  • Stacy

    Yeah, I get the sense that USA Today came up with their own list and intentionally left weight off, because I would guess that weight would be the number one for guys coming in around 80-85%. If you click on the article and look at the “must have’s list” it shows physical attractiveness to be almost 60%, but when you ask it as what do you judge on, I think weight would be at the top of the lise.

  • Phil Miller

    – 65% would not date someone with credit card debt greater than $5,000; 54% would not date someone with substantial student loan debt.

    I find this pretty interesting. Chances are if someone graduated from college within the last 10 years or so, they will have some student loan debt. I wonder what people consider “substantial”. I can understand the credit card debt thing, but I wonder how one finds that sort of thing out before going on a date. Are these people asking for credit ratings of their potential dates?

  • TJJ

    Lets get real, the “real” list includes: attractiveness, how good a job or how much money they make, weight, drugs/substance abuse, etc.

    The USA thing looks more like something put together by consumer marketing pr executives.

  • Mike M

    This survey is very unscientific and at first glance, slanted. Studies on pupil size (reflective of “desire”) show attractiveness as the first cause. Men are attracted to women who show facial symmetry, healthiness, and certain primal features like full lips, wide hips, thin waists, ane proportionate breast size. We are, after all, captives of the instinct to pass our genes on to the next generation.