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What Men Want

From USAToday: [Read more…]

Immigration Reform and Evangelicals

From Carl Ruby: I (Carl Ruby) belong to a group called the Evangelical Immigration Table, a loosely connected group of evangelical Christians who are advocating an approach to immigration that is rooted in Judeo-Christian principles like respect for the dignity of life, the rule of law, and the importance of family. We are asking fellow [Read More…]

Why are People Gay?

Justin Lee, well known founder of the Gay Christian Network, both defines “gay” and then sketches typical claims about reasons why people are gay. He details this in his book Torn. “Gay” for Justin Lee means that someone is “attracted to the same sex” (52-53). It does not refer only to same-sex sexual relations or to [Read More…]

Zealotry Today

I hope to generate conversation, some consternation, and (at the end of the day) some light. Here’s my big point: Some evangelicals have been tossing sharp barbs for a long time at “liberals” or “mainliners” for disregarding the Bible. (It would not be hard to give good examples.) Most evangelicals criticize liberals on the basis [Read More…]

Apps Recommendations

Kevin Smith has his list of top apps to know about, but I wonder what your recommendations might be. News, calendars, diaries, taking notes, organization, etc? I come across a lot of apps as Business Insider’s resident app expert. Some apps are great. Others are total duds. But there are only a handful I use every [Read More…]

The Grace of Forgiveness

From Jeanne Bishop: I had never prayed for the person who killed my loved ones; I had never even uttered his name. I say it now: David Biro. I began praying for him in the only place I could: the garden where Nancy and Richard and their baby are buried. I dropped to my knees [Read More…]

Elephant in the Room: Gospel

From Krish Kandiah, wow — wish I could have been there: When it comes to talking about the re-evangelisation of the West, the elephant in the room is the question: ‘What is the gospel?’ There are all sorts of tribes and divisions within the evangelical community and sadly this means we sometimes grab hold of [Read More…]

Absolute Truth is the Enemy of Freedom (RJS)

Christianity is a Straightjacket — belief in absolute truth is an enemy of freedom—it endangers our civic freedom because it divides rather than unites—it stifles creativity and growth— “Christianity looks like an enemy of social cohesion, cultural adaptability, and even authentic personhood.”(p. 37) So run the complaints of many in our educated skeptical age. Tim [Read More…]

Mud and the Masterpiece

One of my favorite pastors in the USA is John Burke in Austin TX at Gateway Church. John wrote a book sometime back called No Perfect People Allowed, a book that told stories about how his church was formed by imperfect people finding the grace of God and forgiveness in the face of Jesus. So I [Read More…]

Wires Crossed

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