14 Gospel Distortions (Howard Snyder)

A very good set of observations by Howard Snyder, and if you go to the link he fleshes out each one. This issue of distorting the gospel is at the heart of our The King Jesus Gospel.

1. Interpret the gospel primarily through Romans.

2. Focus solely on “personal salvation.”

3. Make heaven the goal.

4. The clergy/laity split.

5. Thinking economics and politics are not directly gospel concerns.

6. De-prioritize community.

7. Neglect the Old Testament.

8. Limit justice to personal righteousness.

9. Neglect intercession.

10. “Believers” instead of disciples.

11. Substitute heaven for the kingdom of God.

12. Faith just a part of life.

13. Disregard Genesis 9.

14. Divorce discipleship from creation care.

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