God and the Cosmos … Intelligent Design? (RJS)

I was recently sent by the publisher a copy of the new book by Harry Lee Poe and Jimmy H. Davis God and the Cosmos: Divine Activity in Space, Time and History. Harry Lee Poe (Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Charles Colson Professor of Faith and Culture at Union University in Jacksonville Jackson [Read More…]

Genesis For Normal People (RJS)

Peter Enns and Jared Byas have a new e-book published through Patheos that is designed to introduce normal people (whatever this means) to the book of Genesis … the most controversial, misunderstood, and abused book of the Bible. Genesis for Normal People is written in an informal voice for Christians who have little if any [Read More…]

Theology … The Queen of the Sciences? (RJS)

In today’s post I would like to put forth a few ideas for discussion, all related to the claim that theology is the queen of the sciences and how this could or should play out. This isn’t a polished argument, but a desire to start a conversation. The modern university has its origin in the [Read More…]

Anatomy of the Soul (RJS)

I was given a book recently,  Anatomy of the Soul by Curt Thompson, that connects with ideas we have discussed in a number of different posts – from those on Joel Green’s book Body, Soul, and Human Life to  a series on Science and Sin. The topic also connects with posts on Science and Christian [Read More…]

Evangelical Evolutionists … and an Opportunity (RJS)

Tim Stafford wrote a short, but nice, piece for the web-only edition of Christianity Today Evangelical Evolutionists Meet in New York on the recent BioLogos Theology of Celebration III Workshop in New York City. I don’t really like the phrase “Evangelical Evolutionists”  or the term evolutionist in general but the phrase has a certain headline [Read More…]

Free Will is an Illusion? (RJS)

I have been moving of late to include some administrative roles in my duties – and this has led me to receive and even read with interest The Chronicle of Higher Education. The March 23 issue of The Chronicle Review has the provocative cover statement … You may think you decided to read this. You’re [Read More…]

Should We Teach the Storehouse Theory? (RJS)

The Bible teaches that God governs the weather including the rain (image to the right from wikipedia). Many passages make this quite clear.  Not only this he keeps rain, wind, snow and hail in his storehouses to be sent forth out of his bounty or wrath. The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of [Read More…]

Can We Find God Through Nature? (RJS)

Part Two of Karl Giberson’s new book, The Wonder of the Universe: Hints of God in Our Fine-Tuned World, looks at design arguments and considers the pros and cons of possible interpretations of scientific data that either suggest or eliminate evidence for God in the Universe. I have commented at times on an edge to [Read More…]

What Do We Have to Offer? (RJS)

I had the opportunity last week to attend the BioLogos Theology of Celebration Workshop. This workshop focused on learning from and equipping pastors who are wrestling with matters of science and faith in their congregations. On the final morning one pastor noted that he saw two powerful narratives at work today. There is a narrative [Read More…]

Is Science Ever-Changing and Thus Untrustworthy? (RJS)

Karl Giberson’s new book, The Wonder of the Universe: Hints of God in Our Fine-Tuned World, is divided into two parts. Part One describes the wonder of our universe, the process of discovery that led to our modern understanding of the universe, and the fine-tuning of the cosmological constants that make life on our planet [Read More…]