The Wellsprings of Conflict (RJS)

I am currently reading Christof Koch’s memoir Consciousness: Confessions of a Romantic Reductionist. Christof Koch is a Professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Biology at CalTech. Raised in a Roman Catholic family, son of a German diplomat, born in Missouri, growing up in Amsterdam, Bonn, Ottawa, and Rabat. In the second chapter of the book he writes, [Read More…]

Even The MacBook Air Is Not Sentient (RJS)

A question that has intrigued me for a long time is the question of “will”. I leave off the word “free” here because free seems to convey a libertarian freedom without constraint. This is nonsense. We a fully embodied creatures and our will, whatever that may be is constrained. Nonetheless there is freedom at some [Read More…]

Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me (RJS)

Scot made a rather sobering comment on one of his posts last week – Douthat, Bass and Christianity’s Culture Wars: Here’s an interesting one: a pastor called me the other day, we got into a conversation about “gospel” and what churches are preaching, discipleship came up, and he said, “Who preaches the cost of discipleship [Read More…]

Context is Key (RJS)

Ted Davis, Professor of the History of Science at Messiah College, had an excellent post on the BioLogos Forum this week. Professor Davis is a senior Fellow for BioLogos and writes for the Forum approximately every other week. All of his posts are worth reading, but this one struck me as particularly relevant to many [Read More…]

Evolutionary Creation in the News (RJS)

BioLogos has received a good deal of press in recent weeks. The series Southern Baptist Voices has been an impetus for much of this press. One of the primary reasons for this series is a belief, deep and sincere, that we are brothers and sisters in Christ first – not opponents or enemies to be [Read More…]

Listening to Chinese Christians (RJS)

Tim Stafford had an article Listening to Chinese Christians in the March/April issue of Books and Culture on a book by Liao Yiwu, God Is Red. Liao Yiwu is a poet, street musician, and chronicler of modern China who has persisted in antagonizing the Chinese government. After the Tiananmen Square massacre he wrote a protest [Read More…]

How Can You Be a Christian? (RJS)

In a post last Thursday I referred to a book by Alister McGrath, Doubting: Growing Through the Uncertainties of Faith. At one point in this book he makes the following observation: It is very common for Christians to find themselves isolated at work or ridiculed for their faith. They are conscious of the fact that [Read More…]

Those Who Doubt (RJS)

Michael Patton had an interesting post over at Credo House last Friday. This is not surprising, as he often has good stuff, well worth reading, on this blog. For that matter, the whole Credo House concept is fascinating and has great potential. I don’t see eye-to-eye with Michael on some issues (he would say the [Read More…]

The Things People Do To Nature (RJS)

There was a fascinating article in the New York Times last Sunday – The Ecology of Disease by Jim Robbins: THERE’S a term biologists and economists use these days — ecosystem services — which refers to the many ways nature supports the human endeavor. Forests filter the water we drink, for example, and birds and [Read More…]

No it is Not a “God Particle”! (RJS)

But it is Still Very Interesting…   The Higgs Boson has been making the news lately – the “discovery” of the particle at 125-126 GeV was reported last week following analysis of data obtained in the ATLAS and CMS experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.  It is not the God Particle, and [Read More…]