Forgotten Missional Ways 3

We had a friend who used to be a major sales rep for Encyclopedia Brittanica. Alas, the invasion of the internet “shelved” the old Brittanica ways and his job — to survive Brittanica went online. Alan Hirsch, in The Forgotten Ways, contends that the church either adapts by turning loose the Spirit of God in [Read More...]

Jesus Creed Letter

At times I open letters I get from readers. Some time back I got a note from Lori with this statement in it: “Anyway, Jesus somehow put my dad, my husband, you and Oprah in a mix to help me see Jesus blast away my nearly-life-long and crippling struggle with self-worth. [Read more...]

Seattle Emerging Event

Here’s a really good opportunity: we are participating in an emerging event in Seattle along with Todd Hunter, and the website is asking those who attend to suggest topics for discussion. It will be hosted by Jim Henderson and Rose Madrid-Swetman, and it will feature the Kelly Carpenter Band. The event is called “Inside the [Read More...]

Integrity as Appeal

In the next paragraph of Psalm 119 (vv. 121-128, each beginning with the Hebrew letter Ayin), the psalmist considers his own integrity before God from a variety of angles. He appeals to God on the basis of his own integrity, he yearns for God on that same basis, he opens himself up to God, he [Read More...]

Prayer for the Week

From the Celtic Book of Prayer: [Read more...]

For Ben and Lisa

Lord, You have always given bread for the coming day; and though I am poor, today I believe. [Read more...]

Dugout Wisdom

Dizzy Dean, a great pitcher for the Cardinals in the glory days, was known for his southern drawl and his poor grammar. Branch Rickey was the opposite and after hearing Branch wax eloquent, the ole Diz said this: “He must think I went to the Massachusetts Constitution of Technology.” [Read more...]

Weekly Meanderings

I’ll be in New Orleans this week lecturing at New Orleans Baptist Seminary on conversion and giving a few other less formal talks. Then next Sunday I’ll be in Indianapolis at East 91st Street for the Sunday services. [Read more...]

Friday is for Friends

When English teachers turn to writing — turn away that is from their mounds of grading — I tend to find something to read. Why? Because they know what they are doing when putting pen to paper (or finger to key). I find this true in Darryl Tippens, now Provost at Pepperdine, in his book [Read More...]

To whom do we pray?

In my Wednesday session at the Covenant Church’s Midwinter meetings, I spoke about Praying with the Church. As I was sketching Jesus’ own prayer life, I mentioned that I thought we should address God as “Father” in prayer because of Jesus’ teaching. The pattern of the NT, I stated, is “to the Father, through the [Read More...]