A Brother’s Wisdom 66

The following words, however clear they might be in an English translation like the TNIV, are much disputed: Or do you think Scripture says without reason that the spirit he caused to live in us envies intensely? But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says:    “God opposes the proud       but gives grace [Read More…]

World Christianity and America 1

Mark Noll, professor at Notre Dame and America’s foremost church historian (or at least close), has a new book called The New Shape of World Christianity: How American Experience Reflects Global Faith, and the book explores how American Christianity has shaped and been shaped by world Christianity. We begin our series today on this book. [Read More…]

Is Anyone Using Ecto?

I’ve recently heard about Ecto, but I’m wondering who knows what about it? Beliefnet.com uses MovableType, but I understand I can compose in Ecto and publish at Beliefnet? Anyone? [Read more…]

Awkward Questions from Children

[Read more…]

A Brother’s Wisdom 65

James finds evidence of a problem in the messianic community, especially among the teachers, and he finds the source of the problem to be the yearning, desiring, and craving for power. He must tell them so (James 4:1-3). Next he connects the self-originating issues in a connection with the world (4:4-6): You adulterous people, don’t [Read More…]

Role and Relationship: by PW

I wonder about this myself quite often: Do pastors struggle dropping their “role” as pastor when they come home? When they are talking to their children and neighbors and spouse? Are pastors, as it were, always “wearing the collar”? Did you have a pastor for a parent? Here’s a brief note on this by our [Read More…]

Justification and New Perspective 16

Reading Paul in the context of the Bible’s Story, with the result that Paul sounds like he fits into the concerns of the Bible, has been the intent of both the new and old perspective. Reading Paul’s version of the Story — his “wiki-story” of the Story — in the context of his Jewish context [Read More…]

Eagleton on Dawkins

Terry Eagleton, on Richard Dawkins: “Without God, Dawkins would be out of a job. It is thus particularly churlish of him to call the existence of his employer into question.” [Read more…]

Victor Davis Hanson, Neo-Con, on Obama’s Speech

Victor Davis Hanson is one of the most articulate historians of war and the military and, whether you like this neo-con perspective or not, his voice is one to be heard. Moral equivalence seems to be the new label for some of Obama’s stances,  though that expression carries with it some hefty critical freight and [Read More…]

Is the Problem the Wages?

The NYTimes published a piece this week reporting a new school in Washington Hts (from the Equity Project) that has assembled a dream team of teachers, paid them 125 grand a piece with promises of as much as 25 grand for bonuses if the scores are good, and the article is suggesting that the problem [Read More…]