So What’s a Pagan Priest?

Those of you who were part of my Second Dedication last year know that one of the things I’ve felt called to be is a priest. And for more than a year since then, I’ve struggled to figure out exactly what that means. I’m at a point where I feel like this needs to be my top spiritual priority.So what does it mean to be a Pagan priest? What have I signed up for? What do I need to be doing?Our earliest ancestors had no priests – each person paid his or her own tribute to the ancestors, nature spirits … [Read more...]

A Pagan View of Suffering

Today’s question for the “Texas Faith” panel of the Dallas Morning News’ Religion Blog is “What do you find in your faith tradition that helps you deal with or explain the reality of suffering?” I haven’t read much of anything on suffering from a Pagan perspective. Most Pagan theology and philosophy concentrates on what makes us different from mainstream Western monotheism and doesn’t say much about universal issues such as this. About all I’ve found talks about karma, though in a way that’s ve … [Read more...]

The Will of the Goddess

In a comment a couple weeks ago, Summer advised me to “give yourself over to God’s plan” and to “let go of your own plans of self import.” That’s certainly good advice. But it raises the more difficult question of how you figure out what that divine plan is. There are any number of religious leaders who will be happy to tell you exactly what God’s plan is – it usually involves giving them money and voting the way they tell you. No thanks. Our ancestors used divinations and auguries to discern … [Read more...]

The Gods Must Be Angry

I’m sitting here watching Hurricane Ike get ready to demolish Galveston and there’s a voice in the back of my head that keeps saying stuff like “So you follow a nature religion, hmmm? So how are your gods (or your Goddess) any better than that desert god who went around smiting all those folks?”Hmmm???Are the gods angry? Naturalists would say this is a case of assigning the wrong cause to an unpleasant affect… something humans have done for most of our history. “I can’t figure out what’s causing … [Read more...]

Revising our Principles and Purposes

The UUA is proposing a revision to our Principles and Purposes. At a high level, I think this is a good thing – all religions must be continually updated or they risk becoming stagnant and irrelevant. Unitarian Universalists recognize this better than most.Another good thing is that this wasn’t done by a few people making pronouncements from on high. The work was done by the Committee on Appraisal, a standing committee of both clergy and lay people, who are elected at General Assembly – the de … [Read more...]

This World vs. The Otherworld, part 2

I had no comments on the blog to last week’s piece, but I had several private responses, plus one on the Ethical Witches list. And they all said basically the same thing (though in very different ways): don’t worry about it.Some focused on my need to go deeper into my own spiritual practice. Others focused more on the individual nature of contemporary Paganism and the resulting uselessness of worrying about what our faith at large should be. And several encouraged me to have faith – faith in the … [Read more...]