Moonlady Winter SolstiCelebration

Amy Martin is now in her 16th year of leading one of the largest Winter Solstice celebrations in the country. It’s more alternative spirituality and less explicitly Pagan like the stuff CUUPS does, but it’s still well worth your time to drive to Dallas to be a part of it, particularly if you haven’t been before.

One word of caution – get there early. Last year the seats were pretty much gone by 6:45.

16th annual
2008 Winter SolstiCelebration

theme: Worthy

Friday December 19, 2008

doors open at 6 pm
service from 7 to 9 pm
Yule Fest from 9 to 10 pm

at the inspiring Cathedral of Hope
5910 Cedar Springs at Inwood, Dallas, Texas 75219
$5, seniors & kids $3
for advance tickets via credit cards,

Step into this most ancient of traditions at Winter SolstiCelebration, the 2nd largest Winter Solstice event in the nation. Celebrate the interfaith peace that is possible when we return to the roots of human faith and spirituality, before dualism and the illusion of separation took hold.

Winter SolstiCelebration enthralls with participatory experiential spirituality. Attendees laugh, sing and chant, meditate in darkness, do yoga, mudras and pranic breathing. People revel in the traditional howl and the drum-driven dance through the Sun and Moon gates that concludes the event.

SolstiCelebrators this year will be exploring the theme that all people are Worthy, their performances forging a multi-faceted deep and profound, yet fun, expression. In the core ritual, audience members give each other a chocolate blessing.

Before and after the service, the lobby bustles with fun activities! Get your picture taken with Father Winter. Shop the sacred items, unique jewelry and incredible art of the world bazaar silent auction. Enjoy the Cosmic Carolers and roving characters such as Mother Winter and the Boogeyman. Stay late for the Yule Fest and revel in a snack feast of nuts, vegetables, fruits and grains with live music, bazaar and more.

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