Last month I posted a picture of a small rabbit I found in my back yard. As I was cutting grass this morning, I saw two rabbits, and they were much larger. My first impulse was the product of millions of years of evolution – and a Tennessee upbringing that was more rural than suburban: “just the right size to eat!”

My father kept rabbits for a while when I was growing up (along with cows and chickens and horses and more gardens than I care to remember). Much of the rabbit work fell to me: feeding them, cleaning their cages, putting out fresh straw for pregnant does, and, when the young rabbits reached somewhere around three months old, butchering them. I hated farm work (and still do), but I learned where food comes from, and that’s an important lesson.

I remember how to build live-capture traps, and the thought of trapping these rabbits went through my head… as did the thought that maybe I shouldn’t. I don’t need them for food, and while they are rather tasty (yes, they taste like chicken, but with more flavor), the thought occurred that these rabbits might be more than just food.

And then I saw one of them eating the vines growing on my gigantic rosemary bush. Last year the vines just about covered it and some branches started turning yellow before I cut the vines away. I had noticed I hadn’t needed to cut the vines this year but didn’t think about why that might be – now I know.

There are no predators for these rabbits – people around here keep their dogs fenced in and their cats indoors. If two rabbits become eight or ten or twelve I reserve the right to build those traps and eat what I catch.

But for now, we have an arrangement: the rabbits can eat the vines, and I won’t eat the rabbits.

The Mother of All Rosemary Bushes. Dinnertime was over by the time I finished cutting grass and came back with the camera.

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About John Beckett

I’m a Druid in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. I’m an ordained priest in the Universal Gnostic Fellowship. I’m the Coordinating Officer of the Denton, Texas Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. This year I’m also serving as a member of the Board of Trustees of CUUPS National. I’m a member of the Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

I write as a spiritual practice. It helps me organize my thoughts and work through ideas and concepts. It helps me evaluate my beliefs and practices against my core values and against what I know (or at least, what I think I know) to be true. It helps me interpret my experiences (religious and otherwise) in ways that are both meaningful and honest.

  • Robin Edgar

    Sounds like what is known as enlightened self-interest. Do let us know when the thought occurs to you that chickens might be more than just food. ;-)

  • JohnFranc

    Point taken… but don't hold your breath. Vegetarianism may be more compassionate, but meat eating is a naturally selected attribute I have neither the will nor the desire to overcome.

  • Robin Edgar

    No worries. I am quite the omnivore myself JohnFranc. I even eat hypocritical U*U ministers for breakfast from time to time. :-)