Spiritual But Not Religious?

I thought I was done with blogging until after the Gorsedd, but then a Facebook friend pointed me toward this column by Rev. Christy Thomas, pastor of First United Methodist Church of Krum, Texas. It’s part of a series she’s doing rebutting the excuses people give for not going to church (or, to be more generic and inclusive, for avoiding religious community).In this column, Rev. Thomas blasts the “spiritual but not religious” crowd for their ignorance of religious foundations, traditions, though … [Read more...]

Spiritual Retreat

Tomorrow I’m off to the House of Danu Lughnasadh Gorsedd. The retreat center at Pema Osel Ling is beautiful – just spending a weekend there would be enough. But the main benefit I got when I went last year was three days away from everything: work, home, church, news, entertainment – everything that fills up most of my days. Instead, I spent three days with my fellow Druids, enjoying the community that comes from gathering with like-minded folks. I spent months afterwards talking about it, and I’ … [Read more...]

True Will

I mentioned a week or so ago that I’ve been listening to Thorn Coyle’s Elemental Castings. In one of them I came across a discussion of true will in its spiritual sense. Coyle, working out of the Feri tradition, described true will as “your big magic” and as “the work of this god.” I like that definition, and I think it’s better than what I wrote about “so mote it be” last year. I still think we all have a tendency to confuse the “will of God/dess” with “what I want here and now,” and at some poi … [Read more...]

More Athena Pictures

I've seen plenty of pictures of Athena online, but none of her back or the detail of her shield.  So while I'm trying to find time to write something inspiring and meaningful for the blog, here are some views you may not have seen before.First, the back view, showing the details of her gown and headdress:Closeups of the shield interior:The shield exterior:And one of me on the front of the Parthenon: … [Read more...]

Athena Parthenos

This weekend’s trip to visit family and friends included a side trip to the Parthenon in Nashville. This is an almost-exact replica of the original Parthenon in Greece. It was built in 1897 for Tennessee’s Centennial statehood celebration and chosen due to Nashville’s reputation (or perhaps, its aspiration) as the “Athens of the South” – a name based on the abundance of Greek Revival architecture. I was there a long long time ago as part of a junior high field trip, but that was before they added … [Read more...]


I’ve recently been reminded of the importance of listening. I’ve done a lot of talking lately: leading the Pagan Tent Revival at the Spring Equinox, being the primary ritualist for the multi-group Beltane celebration, co-writing the CUUPS Egyptian Summer Solstice ritual, co-writing the funeral ritual for James Stevens, speaking at First Jefferson UU last Sunday, and doing some work on an upcoming sermon for DUUF based on The Case For God. It’s good work and I enjoy it, but between the time req … [Read more...]

Spells For Democracy – RIP

According to Gerald Gardner, in the Summer of 1940 the witches, druids, occultists and other magical practitioners of Britain joined forces for a series of simultaneous workings designed to stop Hitler from crossing the English Channel. “Operation Cone of Power” – which may or may not have actually taken place – was fictionalized in Katherine Kurtz’s excellent novel Lammas Night.In the Fall of 2004 a group of American magical practitioners felt a threat similar in kind if not in degree – the str … [Read more...]

How Facts Backfire

Via WitchVox, here’s an interesting article from Joe Keohane of the Boston Globe. The headline reads: “Researchers discover a surprising threat to democracy: our brains.” When presented with new facts, most people don’t change their opinions. Instead, they react and become even more entrenched in their previously held ideas. I can’t say I was exactly shocked by this, though if the phenomenon is as widespread as this article implies, that may be simply because it confirms my own previously hel … [Read more...]