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Spiritual Practice Techniques: Walking

This is the fifth in an occasional series on spiritual practice techniques. One of the primary purposes of spiritual practice is to develop balance and wholeness. Your body needs this practice every bit as much as your mind. Any form of exercise can be a spiritual practice, and some physical exercises are explicitly spiritual, such [Read More…]


I try to be thankful every day.  Despite too-frequent annoyances, difficulties, and stress, I have a pretty good life.  Some of that is due to hard work and persistence, but mainly it’s due to when and where I was born, to the family who gave me a good start, to the teachers who taught me, [Read More…]

Pagan Public Service Announcements

Here are three opportunities to support our wider Pagan community, two with money and one with memories. Donate to The Wild Hunt The Wild Hunt by Jason Pitzl-Waters is currently the best source for Pagan news and commentary. It is reader-supported and non-commercial, which means it doesn’t cost anything to read, but it isn’t free. [Read More…]

Proselytizing and Apologetics

promoting Paganism through public service I mainly listen to Shhh! There are Pagans in Texas!! for their coverage of Pagan events in North Texas. But in their most recent episode, they replied to a listener who had asked their opinion on responding to Christian apologetics and on whether or not Pagans should proselytize. I encourage [Read More…]

Dangerous Religion

Last week a group of Catholic priests and bishops met in Baltimore to discuss how to deal with the growing demand for exorcisms. It got coverage and comments from everyone from CNN to Al Mohler. I wrote about it on my blog – one person left a lengthy comment that basically said “exorcisms are dangerous.” [Read More…]

A Pagan View on Possession

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Pagan of any description speak of being “possessed” – at least not in a negative sense. The only “possession” Pagans usually experience is ritual possession, as in Drawing Down the Moon – and that’s generally a very positive experience. It’s also a temporary experience, presumably because our deities [Read More…]

A Pagan View on Exorcism

This weekend, a group of American Catholic leaders are meeting in Baltimore to discuss how “to prepare more priests and bishops to respond to the demand” for more exorcisms. The article in the New York Times makes it clear that the Catholic church is responding to a demand from the laity, and that they carefully [Read More…]

Insight and Sudden Change

Ah, insight. Sometimes you have to labor for it, through study and prayer. Sometimes you have to pursue it, through meditation and divination. And sometimes out of nowhere it pours over you like a waterfall, washing away your fears and overflowing your soul with more wisdom than you can contain. That’s what happened to me [Read More…]