Eternal Life

What do you do when you’re nearing the end of your life and the creeds and doctrines of your youth ring hollow? You hold fast to what is real, to what your heart tells you is true. That’s the approach Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong takes in his book Eternal Life: A New Vision, which came out late last year. Spong was raised in a fundamentalist church and ordained a priest and later a bishop in the Episcopal church, but he’s best know as a passionate and prolific spokesperson for liberal Ch … [Read more...]

The North

I have been to the mountains and the seashores, to the deserts and the forests. They all have their beauty and they all inspire wonder and awe at the power of Nature. But nothing – nothing – has ever shown me the enormity of the Earth and the true meaning of wilderness like the North.I’m back from a vacation to Alaska, with a side trip into Canada’s Yukon Territory. It was enjoyable, educational, relaxing, and very civilized: with the exception of five screaming children within two rows of me … [Read more...]


I'll be off-line for the next week and a half.  Didn't want anyone to think I'd been raptured when I didn't show up after Saturday.  Although, under the doctrine taught at the church where I grew up, I would.  Assuming, of course, that I was ever "saved" in the first place, which I was never sure about, which made me terrified of the Rapture...Which is one of the many reasons why I'm a Druid, a Pagan, and a Unitarian Universalist and not a Christian.I want to be clear, though - I … [Read more...]


By now everyone who’s paying attention knows that a small group of fundamentalist Christians led by one Harold Camping is predicting the Rapture – the return of Christ to take the saved to Heaven and leave the rest behind to face the Tribulation – will occur this Saturday at 6:00 PM. The responses have been predictable. A good many atheists, Pagans, UUs and others who are certain to be “left behind” if this prophecy come true are laughing it up with Rapture parties and plans for post-Rapture loo … [Read more...]


l am neither a Heathen nor a comic book geek (though I am definitely a geek for many other things). As a result, I went to see Thor with very few expectations about what it should or shouldn’t be. The movie posters proclaimed “The God of Thunder” but I had already been warned to expect lots of Stan Lee and not much Snorri Sturluson. I don’t want to review the movie so much as I want to explore some thoughts that occurred to me while watching it. If you want a Pagan review of Thor, try this on … [Read more...]

Starting a CUUPS Chapter

At least a couple times a year I get an e-mail that reads something like this: Hi! I’m thinking about (or I’m in the process of) forming a CUUPS group at my UU church. What did you do to start the Denton CUUPS group? Where do I need to start? I wasn’t around when Denton CUUPS was formed in 2000. Summer Cartwright, Monique Gulyas and Cheryl Monroe were the key members of the founding group – they did most of the heavy lifting. It is a huge credit to their work and to their foresight that even th … [Read more...]

The Great Rite

According to one legend, in the very early days of Wicca Gerald Gardner considered using sex as a means of raising energy in ritual.  Realizing he was working primarily with the British middle class (who are every bit as uptight as their American counterparts) he settled on dancing instead.  But he kept sex in its rituals in the form of the Great Rite.In every group ritual I’ve ever participated in, seen, read or heard about, the Great Rite has been celebrated “in token.”  The prie … [Read more...]

The Sacred in Suburbia

The next edition of "The Sacred in Suburbia," my monthly column for No Unsacred Place, is now up.  It's titled "Tree Communion" and it talks about how communing with the trees nearest to us can help us form and maintain connections with Nature and the Spirits of Nature. I hope you'll check it out, and while you're there check out some of the other Pagan views on spirituality and the environment. … [Read more...]