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Samhain Soundtrack

I had a couple questions about the music we played at last night’s Denton CUUPS Samhain Circle. Here’s what I could find on YouTube. Prelude: Dead Can Dance – The Host of Seraphim This was intended to be a focusing piece – music to get everyone to stop their conversations, forget about everything outside the [Read More…]

What Dies and What Does Not

At Samhain we honor and commune with our ancestors who are not dead but who have moved on to another form of living. This isn’t only a Pagan concept – the Quaker William Penn spoke of this in Fruits of Solitude. You may recognize the second half – J.K. Rowling borrowed it for the introduction [Read More…]

Giving From Weakness

Rev. Meg Barnhouse of First UU Austin has a piece up on UU on the value of accepting help from others. She tells the story of being six cents short at the cash register and having it made up by a stranger who from appearances was much less well off than she. The (presumably) [Read More…]

Onion Work

Ruby Sara has shut down Pagan Godspell and started a new blog she calls Onion Work, subtitled “layers and tears.” The first few entries on the new blog sound a lot like the old blog: deep, conversational, and mystical. But the emphasis in Ruby’s life has changed and she felt like making a clean start [Read More…]

Practical Magic and Popular Culture

AODA Archdruid John Michael Greer has a new blog post titled “A Lesson in Practical Magic.” Like most of his Archdruid Reports, this entry follows the theme of Peak Oil. But this one deals primarily with Joséphin Péladan, a French writer and occultist of the late 19th century. Péladan is an interesting character – go [Read More…]

Sacramental Eating

Crossposted with No Unsacred Place We are born alive – and hungry. For a short time we are sustained by our mother’s milk.  It is given freely and lovingly (in most cases, anyway), but that gift is possible only because our mothers consume other life. Eventually the maternal intermediary is removed and we begin a [Read More…]

Your Sovereignty

Sometimes dreams are psychological sorting and filing and sometimes they’re messages. And sometimes they’re messages for other people. A friend told me about a dream she had that featured a raven. Ravens are associated with Morrigan, primarily from her role as battle goddess and psychopomp. But Morrigan is also a goddess of sovereignty. Calvinists claim [Read More…]

Samhain Circle

If you’re in the North Texas area, please join us for our celebration of Samhain on Saturday, October 29.  “Samhain” means “Summer’s End” and perhaps in no other year have we been so glad for Summer to be over!  Our Samhain Circle will include a celebration of Summer’s end and a tribute to our ancestors. [Read More…]