When I was asked for something for the Denton UU Silent Auction it didn’t take long to figure out what it would be. I don’t have many crafty skills, but I do make wands. So at the Silent Auction during the Murder Mystery Dinner Event on April 21, you’ll have the opportunity to bid on two wands made in two very different styles.

Fancy yourself a wizard? Disappointed your letter from Hogwarts never arrived? Or maybe you just like a simple, clean design. Then you may be interested in first wand (at the top of the photo). It’s Oak, 14½ inches long, with a core of Rosemary, an herb of protection. Yes, it has a core! The handle was drilled out, filled with Rosemary straight from the large bush in my back yard, then sealed with an Oak cap – you can see it on the right end in the picture. As far as I can tell, J.K. Rowling invented the idea of embedding magical substances in wands, but people who’ve tried them like them, so I think she’s on to something.

Maybe you’d prefer something more traditional. The second wand is made in the classic magical style with some Druid enhancements. It’s also Oak, but the wood came from a sapling in my yard – it has a slight natural curve to it. It has a crystal point on the tip, to focus and direct the projection of energy. It has Ogham letters representing the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth.

Both wands were made by hand. I used a hand saw and a knife to start, but the shaping was done by sanding – lots of sanding. The only power tools used were a drill to drill the core of the first wand and an electric woodburning tool to engrave the Oghams on the second. After fine sanding, they were finished with a light stain and sealant. There are some wandmakers who prefer to leave their wands unfinished to allow the wood to breathe, but I like the glossy look. If the sealant makes a difference in how the wand works I haven’t noticed.

Both of these wands have been cleansed, but they haven’t been consecrated or charged. They can be toys or they can be magical tools – the choice is entirely up to the winning bidder.

I hope you’ll take a good look at these wands and consider bidding on them. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail or to talk to me at the dinner event on the 21st.

If you can’t make the event, if you’re not local, or if there’s something specific you have in mind, I do take commissions. Prices vary widely based on materials and complexity.


UPDATE:  The Harry Potter style wand went for $50, while the Druid wand went for $55. I’m happy with that, and considering I saw polished sticks being sold at CMA for $30, I think it’s fair. 

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