New Website for Denton CUUPS

Denton CUUPS has a new website and a new address:

Please check it out and update your bookmarks.  Our old site is dead and gone – we built a new one from scratch.  It’s got a menu of pages of information for people who are looking for us and who may not have been to a Pagan circle before (but check the pages out anyway – we’ve got lots of great pictures).  The main page of the site is in blog format – this is where we’ll post announcements, pictures and anything else we want to share.  It’s a lot easier to update than the old site, which means we’ll be updating it more frequently.

Our 2013 calendar is up to date with all the plans we made at Tuesday’s planning meeting.

Our Facebook page ( and e-mail list ( remain unchanged.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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