Thanksgiving Prayer

I give thanks for my family of blood: for my mother and brothers and all the people who share my name and my genes. Because of you, I am.

I give thanks for my family of choice: for the Druids and Pagans and UUs who share my beliefs and values and practices. Because of you, my journey is filled with learning and with love.

I give thanks for the spirits of this place. You have welcomed me to this land and helped me build a home. Because of you, I’m happy here.

I give thanks for the spirits of Nature: for the Air, the Fire, the Water and the Earth; for the Sun and the Moon; for the Land, the Sky and the Sea. Because of you, I am part of something big and beautiful and full of wonder.

I give thanks for the goddesses and gods who call me, teach me, nurture me and challenge me. Because of you, my life has a greater purpose and a deeper connection.

None of this had to be, but it is. And because it is, I am thankful. I recommit myself to making the most of what I’ve been given, and to working to help everyone have reasons to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving and blessed be.

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