Five Days Later

I can’t tell you everything’s going to be OK, because it’s not. I encourage you to acknowledge and express your feelings as deeply as necessary, for as long as necessary. And then when you’re ready, start turning those feelings into reflections, reflections into plans, and plans into actions. [Read more…]

Learning to Fly

The world as we know it is changing. The ones that survive and succeed will be the ones most responsive to change. We can be swept away on the winds of change, or we can learn to fly. [Read more…]

We Don’t Have Time For Blame

Come January 20, Donald Trump will be President. Regardless of how angry, hurt, or scared we are, we do not have time to argue about who’s to blame for his victory. There is too much work to be done to deal with the aftermath. [Read more…]

The Veil Is Shredded

The Veil is a metaphor, but the boundary between the worlds is real and it’s getting thinner and thinner all the time. Ignore it at your peril. [Read more…]

Context For Being Yourself

Be you as only you can be, in all your magnificence and glory. But you will be you in the context of something. Make sure that context is in alignment with your deepest values and virtues, and not in the context of what someone is selling. [Read more…]

The Pagan Wisdom of King Arthur

Arthur is the Once and Future King, but he is not returning at some future time to rule in a perfect Camelot forever and ever amen. Arthur will return – and has returned – when he is needed. [Read more…]

Devotion to Poseidon

A new book of polytheist devotions, this one dedicated to Poseidon. [Read more…]

The Tactics and Strategy of Bad Choices

If your conscience tells you to vote for Jill Stein, then vote for Jill Stein and I’ll respect your choice. But I still think it’s a sub-optimal choice and a more painful tactical decision than necessary. [Read more…]