The 4 Best Posts of 2016 You Didn’t Read

While I’ve come to accept that sometimes the Pagan community just doesn’t care about something nearly as much as I do, there are times when I find myself screaming “this is important! Why are you not reading this?!” [Read more…]

When You Know Something Needs To Be Done But You Don’t Know What

I’m more than a little reluctant publish a list of things that need to be done. My work is not your work, even if we’re playing on the same team. But when multiple people ask the same question at the same time, that’s usually a sign I’m supposed to write about it. [Read more…]

Alliances With The Gods – A Case For Strange Bedfellows

Some of us have found great meaning in the service of the Gods. If you cannot do the same, I encourage you to make Them your strange bedfellows. [Read more…]

Mercury Retrograde: Magic Tips the Scales

Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow morning will remain retrograde until January 8. It doesn’t mean gremlins invade your computer and rewrite your e-mails, but it does mean communication will be more difficult than usual. My experiences with Mercury retrograde illustrate how magic doesn’t control anything but it influences everything. [Read more…]

The Gods Are Getting Impatient

I’m hearing a lot of “why isn’t this done yet?” in my divination and oracular work. The Gods may have infinite life, but They do not have infinite patience. [Read more…]

9 Thoughts on Current Events

Thoughts on the Ghost Ship fire tragedy, public funding for the arts, fake news, book news (that’s real!), and the return of the Cernunnos Ritual. [Read more…]

Resting in the Shadows of the Solstice

The many traditions of the Winter Solstice encourage us to light candles and make merry to mark the rebirth of the Sun and the promise of Spring. But if the busyness of the holiday season and concerns over the future make it hard to celebrate, perhaps we need a different approach to this most ancient holy day. [Read more…]

When You Fail An Ordeal

There is no shame in failure. There is plenty of shame in repeated, obstinate failure. If you failed an ordeal think long and hard about why you asked for initiation in the first place. Do you need to find another path? Or do you need to ask again for initiation? [Read more…]