Dreams of a Pagan Public Spectacle

Dinosaur Valley 07.13.14 40

All you Pagans who are too cool for the Super Bowl: are you ready to reclaim spectacle for the greater good? [Read more...]

Verbal Assaults and the Fear of Real Gods

11 05 Crete

People who talk with the Gods can be scary… scary enough that modern, enlightened Westerners who wouldn’t dream of physical violence erupt in verbal assaults. [Read more...]

The Need For Private Rituals

Cernunnos altar

When you’re constantly facilitating religious experiences for others it’s hard to have a real religious experience yourself. That’s a necessary sacrifice and I make it freely and gladly. But it doesn’t fill the need for our own religious experiences. [Read more...]

What a Polytheist learned from Unitarian Universalists

Heretic t-shirt 01.31.15

Although it is safer to be a heretic today than in the past, claiming that identity carries certain obligations: you can’t flaunt your non-conformity while simultaneously demanding conformity from others. Well, you can, but it makes you look like a hypocritical fool. [Read more...]

When You Can’t Turn It Over To God

Southwestern Colorado 2009

Life is complicated. We can’t pretend it’s not, and we can’t expect a divine helicopter parent to take care of it for us. But we have resources for dealing with life’s complications, and we are far more resourceful than most of us assume. [Read more...]

Life Is Complicated – A Rant

Thoreau Cabin Replica

Pretending the world is simple when it’s not just makes you vulnerable to those who would exploit you for their own purposes. [Read more...]

Nine Things I Think

the path

Nine Things I Think: a new Pagan blog, upcoming travel plans, Pagan conferences and retreats, and why I’m rooting for the Patriots in the Super Bowl. [Read more...]

Imbolc – A Solitary Ritual

Brighid altar 01.19.15

Many Pagans maintain solitary practices. Even if you work with a group, sometimes you can’t be with them for one reason or another. Here’s an Imbolc ritual for honoring and communing with the Goddess Brighid suitable for a solitary setting. [Read more...]