Rathcroghan is one of the ancient royal sites of Ireland. Its large mound – Rath Cruachan – is the home of the legendary Queen Medb, and the Cave of the Cats – Oweynagat – is the home of the Morrigan. I had high expectations for our visit, and I was not disappointed. Read more

The majority of Pagans are political liberals of one flavor or another who believe we have a moral obligation to use our common resources to support the common good. Now is the time to put our money where our mouth is, and make sure The Wild Hunt doesn’t disappear. Read more

Under the Ancient Oaks, the video series. This month’s guest is ADF Archdruid Jean Pagano, who talks about Indo-European ritual and the central importance of fire in ritual. Read more

Lough Gur is a lake south of Limerick with numerous sites of interest to Pagans and other folks. We visited on a day with the heaviest rain and winds in 15 years. I stood in a stone circle in a driving rain, and I was asked for a commitment. Read more

The Hill of Tara is the seat of the ancient high kings of Ireland. It is the home of the Lia Fáil and the Mound of the Hostages. And Tara is also home to dozens – perhaps hundreds – of ravens. When we were there two weeks ago they were busy, and they were loud. Read more

A visit to the 5000 year old passage tomb of Fourknocks, including a key we couldn’t find, a door that wouldn’t open, some beautiful rock carvings, and a fairy dog guarding the place. Read more

I’m back from a trip to Ireland and Wales that was both a vacation and a pilgrimage. I’ve got at least two weeks’ worth of religious and spiritual material to write about, and I’ll start that on Sunday. For today, here are a few mundane travel notes and random impressions for your perusal and amusement. Read more

Power is necessary, and power is corrupting. Power can be used to build a better world, and it can be used to oppress the weak. Seeking power for the sake of power rarely ends well, but a quest to develop our own power and to use it for the greater good is a honest endeavor. Read more

If you’re lucky enough to belong to a tradition that already has a liturgical calendar, observe it with gratitude and enthusiasm. But if you don’t, build your own. It will help you deepen your worship and practice. Read more

These are the key events on my Pagan journey that caused me to change my foundational assumptions about the world and the way it works. I know my Paganism is real, but I do not insist you take my word for it. Have your own religious and magical experiences and decide for yourself. Read more

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