When Pagans Need Redemption

Pagans don’t talk much about redemption. But while we do not need to be redeemed for the “sin” of being born human, sometimes we fail to uphold our sacred obligations. We are our deeds, and we can’t undo what was done. But we can do our best to make things right, and we can do better going forward. Read more

Gratitude Cannot Be Demanded

As we approach Thanksgiving, let us remember that gratitude is good when you’re being grateful for what you’ve received. When you expect gratitude from others it’s patronizing and contemptuous. Read more

Celtic Tarot – A Review

Kristoffer Hughes’ new Celtic Tarot is a beautiful deck that uses Welsh mythology and symbolism in the familiar Rider-Waite-Smith framework. And it’s speaking to me, loud and clear. Read more

Facts and Reason in Paganism – Avoiding Materialist Assumptions

Whatever our religious outlook, it’s important to base our beliefs and practices on facts and reason. We need to be grounded in reality. But the question of what constitutes reality is often confused by unstated materialist assumptions. Read more

The Mead Tenders Who Weren’t There

Earlier this year I was part of an Otherworldly journey and I was explicitly told to write about it. This story is my fulfillment of that direction. Make of it what you will. Read more

Under the Ancient Oaks: Devotion to Night

Under the Ancient Oaks, the video series. This month we’re doing something different. This is a devotion to Night, and to some of the Goddesses of Night and of the Sky. I hope you find it reflective and inspiring. Read more

The Big Questions of Life – A Pagan Approach

The Big Questions of Life call us to step beyond the immediacy of our day to day lives and to think about deeper matters. They ask us to live our lives consciously and intentionally. And sooner or later they inject themselves into our lives and demand that we deal with them. Read more

The Aesthetic of Witchcraft and the Return of Real Magic

A lot of people – mainly young women – are adopting the mythology and especially the fashion of witchcraft without any of its religious or magical elements. Whatever you think of them, it would be the height of irony to criticize them without looking at the magical forces in play in our contemporary world. Read more

Give Your Magic Time To Work

There is value in working magic on a regular basis, but working magic on an arbitrary schedule brings sub-optimal results. Reviewing results is necessary, but not when it interferes with the “fire and forget” approach of chaos magic. Read more

Into the Cave of the Morrigan

Our Samhain ritual this year was titled “Into the Cave of the Morrigan.” It was a devotional ritual to honor the Great Queen and to allow all the participants to experience Her for themselves. And experience Her they did… Read more

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