The Aftermath of the Eclipse – Small But Strange

I really wasn’t prepared for this eclipse. But it wasn’t a total loss, and things were mysteriously better after it passed. Read more

A Weekly Ritual of Focus and Protection

While ethics compel us to respond to major events like Charlottesville, if we are always responding we allow others to dictate what we’re working on. This is a ritual to help you focus your attention on the bigger picture – on the work your Gods and ancestors have called you to do. Read more

Under the Ancient Oaks: Living a Good Life During Difficult Times

Under the Ancient Oaks the video series, episode 3. What do we mean by living a good life in difficult times? It isn’t easy, but people have done it for thousands of years, and we can do it too. Read more

10 Things I Need To Say About Charlottesville

I’m not going to try to write a full analysis on Charlottesville, but there are several things I need to say, beginning with “to hell with Nazis.” Read more

Talking to Kids About Charlottesville

Your response will not be perfect – mine certainly wasn’t. But that will pale in comparison to the fact that you refused to acquiesce to White Supremacy and Nazism with your silence and you said something. Read more

Religion and Bad Assumptions

If we build our new religion on the foundational assumptions of our old religion, we will find that many of our religious problems come with us. Challenging what we’ve always been told is hard, and building a new foundation is harder. But we are up to the task, and we have each other to help along the way. Read more

5 Requirements of Will

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight or stop smoking by “will power” understands that simply making an intellectual decision and then trying to force the rest of your being to submit is a recipe for failure. Will is a powerful thing, but there are five requirements to engage it. Read more

Sovereignty, Autonomy, and Agency – The Need for Clear Communication

My polytheist friends have convinced me that my use of “sovereignty” only in the personal sense is distracting attention from its other contexts. “Autonomy” may be an adequate substitute for “sovereignty” in the personal sense, but there are other contexts where only “sovereignty” conveys the precise meaning. Read more

12 Movies to Inspire Your Magic

No one is going to mistake any of these movies for great works of Pagan theology or how-to videos for witchcraft. But if you need some magical motivation, give one of them a try. They’re entertaining, but they all have something that reminds us that magic is real. Read more

Negotiating With the Gods

If a deity calls you and you don’t want to serve, you have several options. Start working through them and see if you can come to an arrangement that works for you. Read more

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