Dangerous Religion

Sermon – Dangerous Religion by John BeckettFirst Jefferson Unitarian Universalist ChurchMarch 6, 2011 Introduction – Lukewarm Religion I grew up in a small, conservative Baptist church, where they preached the Bible was the literal and inerrant Word of God. When I got old enough to start thinking about that, I realized I had some issues [Read More...]

Control is an Illusion

I enjoy hearing about why people believe what they believe. That’s a question many people can’t answer, because they’ve never seriously questioned what they’ve always been taught. While browsing the Patheos website, I came across this essay titled “Control is an Illusion – Why I’m a Calvinist.” It’s by David French, whose bio says “is [Read More...]

Morning Walk

photo from utahskies.org. I don’t have the equipment to take pictures like this, plus I was out to exercise and be in Nature, not to take pictures The waning crescent Moon rose low in the Southeastern sky, Venus shining brilliantly three fingers ahead of it, two of many lights in the night sky. Then the [Read More...]

Reasonable Doubt

The title segment of the most recent Standing Stone and Garden Gate podcast concerns reasonable doubt. Brendan Myers does an excellent job of explaining the role of doubt in examining and interpreting our beliefs and experiences. The philosophical tools he presents are invaluable in the attempt to live a life of integrity, but I believe [Read More...]

Pagan Unity

If you aren’t listening to the Standing Stone and Garden Gate podcast, you should be. It’s done by Brendan Myers – a Druid and philosopher, and his partner Juniper – a hedgewitch. It is the most intellectually-oriented Pagan podcast I’ve come across. Brendan and Juniper approach Paganism very differently, and the interplay between them is [Read More...]

The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

Cat Chapin-Bishop, best known (to me, anyway) for her Quaker Pagan blog, also keeps an environmental blog. Her most recent post concerns her efforts to stop generating plastic waste… efforts that have been less than perfect. I feel the same way at times. I do some very good, very responsible things. I also do some [Read More...]

Faith vs. Fantasy

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen – Hebrews 11:1, KJV I’ve always thought that was a pretty good definition of faith. Perhaps that’s because my father liked to quote that verse and I remember hearing it often… but my father quoted a lot of other scripture [Read More...]

Tree Poisoning

Toomer’s Corner Oaks photo from Jimmy Emerson, used under Creative Commons license One of the reasons I’m a Druid is my love of trees. I grew up with woods literally right outside my back door and I spent countless hours exploring them. Over the years I’ve come to understand that trees are more than just [Read More...]