The Patheos Public Square asks if it’s time for religious leaders to pull back from political engagement. I say a responsible citizen is an engaged citizen, and I know that decisions are made by those who show up. But if we expect to change the world through political activism, we will be continually disappointed. Read more

Druidry is the art of wild wisdom. It’s the spirituality Nature teaches us, if only we’ll slow down, go outside, and listen. Read more

The Reformed Druids of North America never intended to found an order. But they used some good religious tech, and this year they celebrated their 50th anniversary. Religious tech works – use the best. Read more

Different people come to Paganism for different reasons, but one of the most common is a yearning for mystery. The mainstream world has been exorcised of magic; it’s been measured and deconstructed and explained until there’s nothing left. As Pagans, let’s re-enchant the world. Let’s put the mystery back in our rituals. Read more

Part of our problem with dabbling is the idea that since we – who, of course, are the good, serious Pagans – have moved beyond it, so should everyone else. Maybe that’s a good goal for a group of 13 or less, but it’s simply not realistic for any group big enough to be called a religious community. Read more

What do you offer to the world? What does your group offer to the world? Is it what you’ve always done or what you feel like you must do? Or is it a deliberate decision that balances your strengths, skills, and resources? Does it consider not only what you need to receive, but also what you need to give? Read more

Pirates have a unique place in American culture, and though they have been heavily romanticized we still see the need for noble outlaws. The fact that we cannot steal a ship, enlist a crew and plunder the Spanish Main does not mean piracy is no longer possible. Piracy is quite possible, and I’d say it’s downright necessary. Read more

Photographer James O. Davies had an opportunity virtually none of us will ever get – the chance to photograph Stonehenge many times, from many perspectives, at many times of the day and during many times of the year. The end result is A Year at Stonehenge. Read more

For Samhain this year, I did divination for the overall Pagan community. Where are we on our journey, what are the challenges we face, how can we best address them, and what is the likely outcome if we continue on our current path? Read more

The current trend of supernatural TV shows reflects the general feeling that something is wrong with our world, as well as the desire for magical skills to cope with these troublesome times. We can be mindlessly entertained by Hollywood witchcraft, we can be depressed because it isn’t real, or we can use it as inspiration to do something that is real. Read more

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