Seeking Unity, Fearing Orthodoxy

There is a core dilemma in contemporary liberal religion, a broad category that includes much of Paganism, Unitarian Universalism, and the spiritual but not religious. That dilemma is the desire for unity combined with the fear of orthodoxy. [Read more…]

Building Contemporary Indigenous Polytheism

Without a cultural context and foundation, a religious or spiritual practice is at best weakened and may cause far more harm than good. What is the cultural context for contemporary Western polytheism? [Read more…]

After The Tower, The Sun

I try to help us learn skills and practices that will help us survive and succeed, and I advocate for religions that promote virtues and enable connections. And occasionally, I try to remind us all that while we’re living in Tower Time, the Sun is coming. [Read more…]

When a God Turns You Upside Down

The direct experience of the Gods can be an amazing, fulfilling, path-confirming experience. It can also be an on-going experience of sheer terror. If a God turns you upside down, find someone who understands what’s happened and talk with them. [Read more…]

A Return to Lughnasadh

I’m very happy that after a four year break, this year we’re returning to Lughnasadh and honoring Lugh, the Master of All Arts. [Read more…]

The Two Obligations of Good Religion

There are two obligations of good religion: to heal the world and to heal ourselves. To be focused on the world out there and the world within. To feed others and to remember that we need to eat too. The text from today’s Sunday service at Denton UU. [Read more…]

A Pagan in Texas

There’s a lot that’s wrong with Texas and if you’d rather live somewhere else I completely understand. But I’m getting really annoyed with people who’ve never set foot in Texas talking about it like it was Saudi Arabia or North Korea. [Read more…]

Polytheism By Any Other Name

Does the polytheist movement need a different name? Perhaps, but it will have to arise organically. I’m less concerned with what we call ourselves than with what we do: honor the Gods and ancestors, and help build a world that reflects Their values and virtues. [Read more…]

Speaking Passionately

How can we speak confidently and even passionately about religious matters, where certainty is impossible? We accept the reality of our experiences, and we remain open to new ideas and new interpretations. [Read more…]

Why Polytheism?

I’m enjoying reading about and listening to witches, magicians, and occultists. I’m learning some things, including some I can incorporate into my own practice. But at the end of the day I’m a polytheist, and I’m happy to be one. [Read more…]