How My Unbelieving Wife Took The News of My Suddenly Becoming a Christian, cont’d

(If you’re just joining us, I’m driving my wife Cat home from the airport, and haven’t yet told her that while she was away I became a Christian. She suspects something is going on with me, though. I’ve thus far denied it (I didn’t want to tell her while I was driving). She, Highly Suspicious that Something Is Up, has (lovingly) told me that she knows I’m lying.)

“I’m not lying,” I said, lying. Yikes. Better make that right. “Nothing’s wrong. Everything’s fine.”

“You bought me something, didn’t you?” she said. “You’ve got some kind of really expensive gift waiting for me at home, don’t you?”

“I wish. But I’m sure you remember the state of our finances before you left. Believe me, they haven’t improved since then. We’re lucky if we haven’t been evicted by the time we get home.”

“And there’s nothing going on with you.”

“There’s nothing. Everything’s fine.”

“Hmmph,” she said—which, in our private, Been Married For 16 Years language, translates into, “You’re keeping me in the dark about something, which of course I’m displeased with—but since I can tell whatever you’re hiding is good, you must have your own reasons for keeping it from me. So I’ll wait a little bit longer for you to tell me what it is. But I won’t forget!”

“So,” she said next, “tell me about your week. Anything happen or anything?”

“Oh, you know,” I said, signaling and moving into another lane. “Just … the usual stuff. Made some lasagna that came out pretty good. Went and saw a movie. Fixed that little leak we had under the bathroom sink. Became a Christian. Got the oil changed on the car. Did some laundry.”


“What did you say?” she said.

“What? Whaddayamean?”

“What was that last thing you said?”

“That I did some laundry?”

“No, not that you did some laundry,” she said. “Before that. The part about you becoming a Christian?”

“Oh, right, right,” I said, my voice sort of trailing off. “That’s … that’s also something that happened.”

I drove a good long while after that in silence. Cat knows that when I have something of real emotional import to tell her, it takes me about forever to begin. I don’t know why I’m like that. It’s like a hundred people all trying to squeeze through a door at once: None come out at all. They have to get organized first.

“So,” she said softly. “Tell me.”

“I will,” I said. I laid my hand in her lap, where she cradled it in both of hers. “Of course I will. But let’s wait till we get home.”

So we did.

And I did.

And then, on the following Sunday, she came to church with me, since she was so used to our hanging out together on Sunday mornings.

And at church she was surprised to find nothing said, sung or read that contradicted her lifelong, constant, unwavering sense of what she’d always thought of as simply “The Good.”

About a year and a half after we started going to church together, she, too, got baptized into the faith.

Somewhere we have a picture of her on the day of her adult baptism, standing in the church with the pastor who blessed us by lovingly performing that ceremony.

Someday, many years from now, I imagine I’ll come across that picture, and stare at it for a long, long time. And I know that the image of my wife and our pastor will grow blurry, as the water comes to my eyes.

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  • Gwendolyn


    Thank you for being brave and bold enough to share with all on the internet.Your quite witty and I loved it! I also love that God has a sense of humor too. PTL!

  • darlene

    beautifully told. Funny and detailed enough to be able to see you where you were at and somewhat feeling what you were going through.


  • Angela

    Thank you. I enjoy your casually funny but also direct style of writing. Wonderful testimony, too.

  • Patrice

    What a story. Let's hope something like this happens to a great lot of us. Your story is inspiring and causes hope to well up in us. You are funny too. Which I am sure God is too.

  • Thanks so much, you guys. This is all very sweet. I definitely appreciate it.

  • Bob Bush

    As a former marriag & family therapist and as a so

    called "retired" pastor, I knew many who found it difficult to be honest about their conversion to our Lord Jesus Christ. But it does show and eventually must be expressed, the Holy Spirit would have it no other way.

    On theh 2nd of July, Milli and I celetbrated our 47th WA. I met her on one day and asked her to marry me about 7 day later. We were attending BIOLA down town LA. We had an 18 month engagement periiod, the hardest time in our entire courtship but it was a pure relationship, no sex, just a let of talking, learning, thinking, PRAYING apart and together, but a wonderful time to getting to know one another. I'm still learning by the way. The 18 months was a time of gaining respect for her and for myself. Sex would have ended that magical courtship.

  • Carol Collett

    God is amazing!

  • To say the very least. (And, of course, what else CAN any of us say but,"God is amazing!"). Thanks for writing, Carol. Happy Sunday!!

  • Andy Christensen

    Praise the Lord!

    Sounds like an incredible change happened in your life. Also in my life there was a change that was so out of character for me it must have come from God.

    You are a gifted writer and very funny! Laughter is good for the body and soul.

  • Just loved it… pure and simple…beautiful!

  • Latoya

    I ma so blessed by this. If I wasnt at work I probably would have cried. Beautiful testimony

  • Thank you, LaToya. I appreciate it.

  • That was a beautiful glimpse into a very precious moment in your life with your wife. I love reading about moments like that. Thanks for sharing it. God works so beautifully through relationship, not religiosity.

  • Nice. Really nice. Pretty awesome, actually. Going to read your conversion story next. Praying for you guys.