Use Me, Baby

Hmmm. If you have any opinions about this one way or another, lemme know. I was just thinking about what to write next–and then I thought, “Well, heck. Maybe people have a preference.” Maybe! I’ll see!

Which of the following do you most prefer I write about:

a. Spiritually Insightful Christian Stuff

b. Animal Stories

c. Autobiographical Stuff

d. Pretty Purely Funny Stuff

e. Short Stories ala’ the way I do them

f. Stuff about The Artistic Imperative As I Understand It

g. Stuff about being married

h. Stuff about being middle-aged

i. You’re totally pleased to leave it up to me

j. You really don’t care and you’ll never come back to this site anyway because what kind of loser asks other people what he should write?

Finally, please feel free to suggest your own topic that you’d like to see me pretend to know anything about.

Comment now! Operators are standing by!

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  • Ruth

    seriously. exactly what I was waiting for but didn't quite wait for…. somewhere I asked a question……

    and entirely appropriate-jmho- on a blog to ask the readers what they want to talk about… time counts; so reading here daily/discussing or is it discoursing….both? is like buying your book everyday or NOT !

    and how about " f " The Artistic Imperative….is that something proper that it is capitalized? 😉

    hmmm did the blog owner get an answer he was hoping for or praying against?

    I see middle age is not capitalized…. everday I think 'dang, half of yesterdays age wasn't my middle…I'm still here!"

    itz yer tern. Peaced IN….pieced in too…

  • Kerri B.

    Ooh, I vote "f" too, followed by "a" and then "i."

    On a side note, if you had an option "t" I could list that, along with option "h," and you'd have a cutesy little acrostic. But that would be weird…

  • John Shore

    I wonder if/when anyone sane will ever read this blog …?

  • Ruth

    wow = the radically saved seem insane to YOU? sheesh. just when I thought there was hope on/in a blog……. penguins…..where did I put those penguins?…..

  • nisperos

    I have a visitor here (different than the last time) and we were reading your blog.

    You know about thanking God for everything?

    Like even the things you don't feel thankful for?

    How about when you feel the next things you need to thank God for is the quandry you R in?

    Maybe you have some insight?

    Umm, and what about people who have to meet someone else's dog's obligations first because they are house sitting when they would much prefer to be out meeting their own needs or someone else's by socializing?

  • Ruth

    hey Kerri….. did we get smacked? 😉 why doesn't this blog have emoticons so I can use that scratching my chin hmmmmmmm one without digging out a 'type your own emoticon book for tweens?' so….. I'll trust, that WAY published and trusted John Shore has lumped himself in the anyone sane group WITH us, even tho he didn't mention write/ but read instead tho surely John you read your own posts, prepost……..

    forget trying to put my post here in 'tense'…. LOL

    and hey what about that pre-destined question?

    bring it….. ! iron sharpens iron……..

  • Ross

    I suppose "i", but you definately can't go wrong with "a". BTW I just received via Amazon, "you're ok I'm ok…" Look forward to reading.

  • Kerri B.

    Ruth–yes, I believe we did! :)

    John–Um, no.

  • Kerri B.

    OOh, my emoticon came thru. Lemme try this one… 😀


  • John Shore

    This is just all so very, very sad…

  • John Shore

    (Um, I’m kidding, of course. U guys rock.)

  • John Shore

    Well, it's kind of you to chime in at all. Maybe I WILL sometime Dare To Bore with … well, what amounts to my whole life of pretty much being manically driven and tortued by this insane hunger I have to produce art I can stand.

    I sooooo don't suffer from that anymore. But I sooooo did for soooooo long.

  • snowhite197

    I think autobiographical is good. I really enjoy memoirs, though. I think you can get a lot of truth out of reading what others have actually been through.

    You can put a lot of the other stuff in there that way.

    Also, I want to know more about this ‘artistic imperative thing’. So maybe that as a close second.