Chrissie Hynde and Me

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"Very true!!!!! I agree with what you said!!!"

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"True. I cringed everytime I see his name or comments."

Christians in love with non-Christians (and ..."
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  • You did NOT have that dream, did you?? Oh my GOSH, that's funny.

    You know what they say about love: Love is a battlefield. Oh, wait…nevermind…

  • Elizabeth


  • Chele: How are you? How you likin' life in Ohio?? So great to hear from you this way!

    Kerri: Ah, Pat Benatar. Wait. That's not spelled right. Bena .. tar? Is that right?

    Ah, Pat B. What a rocker. That HAIRCUT. I was never actually a huge Pat Benateur fan. Yet, somehow, her career survived the hit. Actually, the older I get, the more I respect and sort of automatically like ANYONE who's made it in the arts. Anyone who's ever had ONE hit has immediately stepped out of history and distinguished themselves. So who am I to say, like, "That other guy in WHAM who later didn't get aressted for having gay sex in a public restroom. Who was HE, anyway??" Cuz he was … the other guy from WHAM! He AUTOMATICALLY ROCKS.

    Poor George Michael. Except he's a musical genius and is richer than … well, ironically enough, the Queen, which I mention because the last thing I heard anything about him was when I saw this Oprah episode, where Oprah, for some reason, was doing that full-on, usually Actually Embarassing thing (to me, anyway), where she acts like just because someone's a celebrity they're … angelic, or something–and for this show the object of her rapt veneration was George Michael! I figured he'd be some bedraggled, down-on-his-luck, Sad Former Celebrity type–but he SO wasn't. He was living so large that … well, that Oprah had to go all the way over to England so she could walk around his grounds and (I think) wonder what it would cost to buy him out. And the answer was a LOT, because, if I remembe right (and what are the chances), Buckingham Palace was, like, on HIS property.

    It was crazy. Boy was LARGE.

    What the heck are we talking about?

    Oh, right. Famous rock star haircuts.

    No, wait. No we weren't.

    Kerri B: I blame you for this.

  • Michele

    Cat is a fiesty little one…isn’t she fabulous?!?! You two are inspirational. I love watching the two of you together. You’d never know it’s been 26 years…looks like it’s still the 1st!! Thanks for being amazing examples. Love you both, Chele

  • Bwuahahaha!!!

  • Mike O

    Sweet dream!

  • snowhite197

    This was so funny!!! LOVE it!!!

    Thanks for the emails btw.

  • Snow: Thanks so much. (And thanks for comment on e-mail notification. I can't tell if I'm just pissing people off with those, or what.)

    Kerri: Evil!

    Mike: WAS it a dream? Or was it … okay, it was. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Michelle

    Happy Anniversary, John and Cat!!

  • Michele

    John, you know I LOVE George Michael. Amazing talent, blows me away over and over. When did you become such a fan. Now I like you even more! 🙂 OH is ok, miss the west and can't wait to come out. You two have plans in November? Is today really your anniversary? If so, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and tell Cat hi. Miss ya, Chele

  • Rebecca

    LOL…John, yew ain’t raght.

  • Ok, this may be a totally irrelevant question, but ever since I started reading your blog I’ve been wondering:

    You describe your sudden conversion, but you don’t say what your wife’s religious convictions/practice are. On a certain level, it’s none of our business, but as your write about her, and your relationship, frequently, I’d say you opened the door to further inquiry.

    Obviously, you and your wife have a great relationship, but that seems to have been the case before you became a Christian. How did your marriage change (or not) when you found Jesus? Did you help her find Jesus too? I’m interested because, as a secular person, I’m highly skeptical that I would be able to remain married to a person who adopted a belief system that I find, to put it kindly, dubious. (I don’t find the values of Christianity dubious, for the record – it’s the miracle stuff I’m flummoxed by.)

    Thanks for any info you’d like to share on this matter. You’re a smart guy and a great writer.


    A Heathen

  • Debbie


  • Debbie

    Ha! Aussie girls……in your dreams! That’s about it Mister! Awesome line-up for the concert and congrats on 26…..booyah!

  • Ah my first chuckle of the day. Here I was being slightly jealous of your being able to attend a concert with such a great line up,only to discover the hilarious dream sequence.

    Oh and happy anniversary to you and Cat..

  • Richard lubbers

    I’m surprised the drummer from the honeycombs wasn’t in there somewhere singing “Have I the right to kiss you”.

  • No, no: it was a real concert, that we really did go backstage for. I just … fell asleep after it was over. (And thanks for congrats; but this is an old post. For some reason there was a run on it, so I cleaned it up and then linked to it off my FB wall. But it’s an oldie.)