Anyone Here Read German?

Anyone want to help me understand what’s being said about one of my books here? If not, just try and tell me that gazing unto the gleefully cherubic face of “Uber Mich” doesn’t make you feel … happy? Optimistic? Like you haven’t quite found the magical medical prescription for you yet?

Uber Mich! You da man! (Unless you’re telling everyone not to buy my book. Oh, what the heck. Even then. How can I possibly stay mad at you?)

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  • thomas michalski

    Here is the Horrendously Butchered BabelFish Translation. I'm just completley lost with some of the contextual, screwed up translation, but i get some of the jist of it:

    An admittedly rather unusual book concerning the faith Completely in the style of Ken Davis and Jeff Lucas lets explain John shore in this book God, how it itself with the world, which thought humans and the faith in such a way. In addition it lets it answer to a whole number of critical questions. A book merry-up-to-date, which admits our friends in unusual way with God makes, without losing thereby the respect for it. (not only) been suitable for young humans! The book has 96 pages (bound), costs 8.95 euro and is here available.

  • John Shore

    Did you TRY to make this the funniest thing that's ever been printed, or is this your Actual Best Shot at translating? I don't care–this is so funny I can't even smile for fear of exploding. I have to swear now, in trying to say how f***ing hilarious this is. But that'd be wrong. So I have to go now and try not to hurt myself laughing.

    "A book merry-up-to-date." I really just cannot possibly stand it.

  • John Shore

    Oh, wait! You're THAT Thomas Michalski. You've written lots of great comments on my blog before. Sorry. Exhausted. Welcome back!

  • snowhite197

    LOL. John, haven't you heard of babelfish? Try this. Write down a dream that you have had (this works especially well if you have strange dreams!), ask babelfish to translate it into another language, then recopy and paste it to translate it back to english.

    The things you learn in college… *sigh*

  • John Shore


    I can't stand it. You know, I just found this file the other day where I was keeping all these typed out documents I used to get from this Tai-Chi teacher of mine. The man was purely Chinese, and naturally his grasp of written English was a little spotty. So he created these AWESOMELY winning documents.

    Anyway. BABLEFISH! NEVER!!!

    Oh, God. I see myself, very soon, arranging to have even less of a life…

  • Kerri B.

    What?? Babelfish?? Come on…as in Babelfish from the Hitchhiker's Guide? Which by its miraculously useful design proved God's existence, thereby immediately DISproving God's existence?? Throw us a bone here, John.

  • Bastian Germann


    I’m a German brother in God and saw this blog entry coming from the German site where your book is described. I tried to translate it to English and this is my attempt (I hope you can understand it better now – but maybe I’m as bad as Babelfish, who knows?):

    “An rather unusual book about faith.

    In this book, which is completely written in the style of Ken Davis and Jeff Lucas, John Shore lets explain God, what plan he had for the world, for the human beings and for the faith.

    Besides he lets God answer quite a number of critical questions.

    It is an unformal, funny, up-to-date book, which introduces our friends to God in an unusual way, without losing the respect for him.

    It is (not only) suitable for young human beings!

    The book has 96 pages (bound), costs 8.95 euros and is available at”