My First (And Last!) YouTube Video

Yeah, so I was goofing around with my new MacBook, and decided to see if I could make and mount a video of myself blathering on about absolutely nothing.

I don’t think I’ll ever do this again, because—well, yikes. But here’s what I got. Be forewarned that watching this video means never, ever getting back that one minute and fifty-five seconds.
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  • Kelly

    That's great….I love to see people as random as me! Ever considered auditioning for "Last Comic Standing"? :)

  • ric booth

    Haha! You know John when you get to know a radio personality by his or her voice and then meet the person much later or see a TV ad for the show and the face doesn't match fictional image in your head? Well this is just like it except exactly the opposite. Anyways, this was still funny and you don't need to refund the 1:55 to my life account.

    Nice plant.

  • John Shore

    Whaddaya mean, "random"? That was me being … extremely focused. I have no idea what you're talking about okay I do.

    See, now RIC'S comment is random. I either DID look and sound like he expected me to, or I didn't. I can't figure out which.

  • ric booth

    You were SUPPOSE to sound like John Wayne! But I like your voice better. So, its all good.

    Now I am imagining you John Wayne saying, "Howdy pilgrim!" with your voice…

  • morsec0de

    Wow. Completely not like how I pictured your voice at all.

    Great video. Subscribed. 😉

  • John Shore

    How did you think I would sound? Higher? Lower? Um….well, I guess those about your choices….

  • morsec0de

    I thought you would have a higher voice, and sound less 'gravelly'.

    Quality voice. Just not how I imagined at all.

  • John Shore

    Stop fondling yourself.

    You know you were.

  • David Barach

    Having had the "pleasure" of spending time with John in person, I can now confidently say that I prefer to see and hear him on screen—no wino odor.

  • John Shore

    And I can say, in all honesty, that David Barach thinks he's funny.

  • Judy

    I try not to play favorites.

  • Judy

    I think you should definitely do this again! Once a week would be good. I thought your blather was very entertaining. :)Thanks. And, David Barach IS funny!

  • John Shore

    Encouraging me: Good.

    Encouraging David: Very, very bad.

  • angelbearoh

    You didn’t sound much like the stand-up comic I had envisioned. Not smart-alecky enough.

    I have a functioning microphone and Audacity, which says I have 10 hours of potential recording time. I have the capability of rudimentary podcasts, and I’m thinking seriously about pitching $20.00 into WordPress’ kitty for an extra 5 GB of space. But I don’t think I want to abandon writing and cartooning. It’s still pretty much my forté.

  • John Shore

    Wow. That’s the first time I’m ever been dissed for NOT being smart-alecky enough.


  • Sam


    Yeah, your voice was higher than I thought – like Ric – but the church choir always needs tenors – any church choir.

    Admire your courage too for putting yourself out there like that. But work on cutting the “umms” – or just put a *bleep* in everytime you um and watchers will think you’re being “salty.”


  • John Shore

    Um. Okay, Mr. Scorcese.

  • Kelly

    Randomness totally rocks – you can take part in multiple conversations and cover a multitude of topics in about 3 1/2 minutes…unless of course you are meds for ADD. If that’s the case – you may find yourself with “analysis paralysis” or hyper focus – in which you cannot force yourself into a random conversation if you tried. Wow, did any of that make sense??? :)

  • Lori

    You are HILARIOUS!!!! I loved it!!! And, by the way, I love reading your blog.

  • Mara

    "Last" YouTube video? Good one!!! We all know that you're addicted now…it'll be once at week at least!

  • anita

    To see John. To hear John. At the same time.

    It was almost a sensory overload. I nearly swooned.

  • Dan Harrell

    John, finally I can watch this. Good job! I would say this adds the final piece to the total package that allows us to replicate your voice in our mind when we read your blog. We won't be able to wait for the next video and the amazing content you put together. Can I ask how difficult it is to adjust to the Macbook? I'm thinking of going Mac. I should just about have enough in my 401K to buy one.

  • anita

    Dan, You'll have enough money but only if you cash out now! Oh wait. I just noticed what time it is. Nevermind. I'm sure you have some good years left with your PC.

    By the by, I just changed over from PC to Mac last year and LOVE it!

  • John Shore

    Anita: It's funny you should say what you did. As you might recall, the slogan-thing for my blog—before I moved it to its current template, where there was no space for it—was, "John Shore. Finding himself amusting since 1958 [the year I was born]." Well, for a long time I WAS going to use, "John Shore. Making lesbians swoon since 1968"—but I wasn't sure that would work. But now you're making me think maybe I should go back to that. Thanks!

    Dan: You're exceedingly kind, as ever. Thank you. Good joke about barely having enough in your 401K to afford a MacBook. Too bad you probably weren't joking at all. It's no trouble to adjust. To me, the Apple/Mac platform–the OSX/Leopard thing—is sooo intuitive. I just find it extremely easy to use. And it WORKS. No insane firewalls. No constant security patches. About 1/20th the Spam. Do it. You'll love it.

  • John Shore

    Kelly: Yes. No. I’m not sure.

    Lori: Thank you! And thanks for leaving your kind comment.

    Mara: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not learning to add music to YouTube clips and playing around with different lighting and stealing away some of my wife’s make-up just so I can look and sound better on my next clip. That’s absurd.

  • anita

    Lori–> Please, I beseech thee. Don’t compliment John in CAPS. It makes his ego EXPLODE.

  • anita


    even while laughing hysterically

  • Candace

    You made a lesbian swoon when you were 10 years old? Now there's a topic for a post if ever I heard one

  • Candace

    Hey. Where's my youthful-John-swooning-lesbians post? It's been at least … I dunno, a while … since I suggested it!

    On a more pertinent note, I just now got to actually watch your YouTube clip for the first time. (I have no computer of my own at home. Well, I do, but no internet service. Well, I could have internet service but it would be dial-up, which I find extremely frustrating so a couple years ago in a fit of pique I told them what they could do with their bleeping dial-up. Saves money, at least.)

    On the work computer, YouTube doesn't work.

    So I am now on a friend's office computer. You are adorable. And funny. And I happen to like the wino look, myself. Give me a man who doesn't spend too much time in front of the mirror ANY DAY.

  • snowhite197


    You have a nice voice. Ever thought of doing radio stuff?

    BTW nice changes to your layout. It kind of feels like I’m reading a book for some reason.

  • mormonsoprano

    Re: VVblgg-ing "It occurs to me now to have something to say first"

    Re: Flipper's "stardom" – "Come on, I can swim!"

    Re: Self-assessment – "A wino, but with a plant"

    John, You totally crack me up! I enjoyed experiencing your randomness visually and aurally. Your new kitchen is very nice – I'm coveting your fridge. I liked the "informal touch" of staging the milk carton, and tupperware. I'm cool with letting you explore this new version of self-discovery on your blog once in awhile. Perhaps you could dub it your weekly "christian voyurism" broadcast. 😉

  • Brian Shields

    As a professional TV guy, I can say, you should check out It’s perfect for you John. You can be brilliant and have your Hollywood career… but after 12 seconds you’re history and I have a minute and thirty seconds of my life back.

  • Latoya