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I am too much aware of death and of its fanged bastard cousin suffering whose knowledge of me is, after all, intimate and who has ever taken pains to counsel me. But today is Thanksgiving And so away you ghosts and goblins endlessly chewing at my walls Away, please. For my wife sleeps on the couch before me having [Read More…]

Think You Know Thanksgiving? You Don’t Know Squat, Squanto.

1. The Pilgrims were: a.  an exceptionally boring rock band from Kidneypool, England. b. a sure way to kill any party. c. the least fashionable sailors ever. d. Christians who fled England in rebellion against Henry VIII’s forbidding of pew cushions. 2. The first thing Indians thought upon meeting the Pilgrims was: a. “Why are these [Read More…]

The Novel Doctor Will Needle You Now

I’m always really pleased (and, frankly, surprised) by how many people read the posts I do on the how-to’s of writing. I’m freakishly enthusiastic about All Things Writing, so it’s gratifying to share that enthusiasm with others. My last post,  A Would-Be Writer Asks: “MUST I Go to College?” made me think of a job [Read More…]

A Would-Be Writer Asks: “MUST I Go to College?”

This morning I received an e-mail from an aspiring author. “I am currently paying the bills with a job in telecommunications,” he wrote, “but ultimately would love to make the transition to being a full-time writer. From your experience, how much would a formal education/bachelor’s degree help me to make this transition? Having been to college [Read More…]

Blogging—at WARP SPEED!

Hello, friends! Me: Speed blogging. When: Now. Why: Wife off work entire forthcoming week. Whoo-hoo! Visiting local wineries today to buy Thanksgiving wine. She now in shower. Me now on/in bed, BLOGGING AT WARP SPEED! Do I enjoy going to winery tastings? No. Nein. Nyet. Why not: Weird business model: Stand; sip; get stared at; [Read More…]

“Can You Help My Husband Feel Like a Bride of Christ?”

Yesterday a young woman sent me this email: I have a question that I’ve been researching for quite a few days now, with not much success. Recently, my husband tearfully confided to me that while he trusts fully in Jesus for his salvation, he finds it hard to feel the love for God that Christians [Read More…]

Sarah Palin vs Paul’s Directive for Women to be Silent and Submissive

I spend five or six hours every day exploring Christianity with non-Christians. Doing that—being someone whom non-Christians trust enough to do that with—necessarily means being consistently honest about those aspects or practice of my faith that I have every reason to understand will be difficult for non-Christians to accept. One thing I never do when [Read More…]

Act Now, Become My 100th Facebook Fan, and Win a Free Book!

As of this precise moment, 99 people have joined my Facebook Fan Page—99 people who’ve been willing to step forward, and boldly proclaim to all who for some reason happen to see that page that yes—yes!—they have no particular reason not to claim that they’re not especially repelled by my writing. Whoo-hoo! ♥ 99 fans of [Read More…]

The Preying Vulture

This is the second part of A Vulture Tried to Eat My Face. Having beaten myself into exhaustion ascending a mountain I had no place on a shadow slid across my path before a lord of the sky descended to hover just out of arm’s reach a vulture, majestic and hideous head cocked blinking its oily [Read More…]

A Vulture Tried to Eat My Face

As my regular readers know, I never, ever, in even the slightest possible way, exaggerate. So you can believe me when I tell you that yesterday a vulture tried to gobble my visage. I was on my health walk. I was on a trail in the mountains near where I live, probably a mile and a [Read More…]