Act Now, Become My 100th Facebook Fan, and Win a Free Book!

As of this precise moment, 99 people have joined my Facebook Fan Page—99 people who’ve been willing to step forward, and boldly proclaim to all who for some reason happen to see that page that yes—yes!—they have no particular reason not to claim that they’re not especially repelled by my writing.


♥ 99 fans of my blog on my page; 99 fans of my blog; you take one down, pass him around; he wakes up and pounds you right into a fog. ♥

So, the point is: If you act now, and become my 100th Facebook Fan, I will send you a free book, inscribed with “Thanks for being my 100th Facebook Fan!” and autographed by none other than my next door neighbor, Brian, who is an actual Hollywood stunt car driver! If come the time, however, Brian is off wearing sunglasses while expressionlessly parking cars at warp speed, I will sign the book myself.

You, Mr. or Ms. 100th Fan, will have your choice of books: Being Christian or (the paperback version of, since that’s all I have left) Comma Sense.

Now, you can’t join my Facebook page if never read my stuff, since that would be almost as sad as me actually bribing people to get fans. But if you’ve been meaning to sign up as a Facebook fan o’ moi (just as, honestly, I’ve been trying to think of something bloggily fun to do with one or two of my books), here’s your chance to do right by me and snag a free book autographed by the less famous of the two authors named on its cover!

Act now! Click here! Postage is on me! I excel at stampage!

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What Are Your Thoughts?leave a comment
  • I guess it should say "being proactive" instead of "proactivity." But still…

  • I do feel bad about that. That DOES seem unfair. You DID join right away.


    Maybe I should just send you money.

  • And yet, I know that wouldn't satisfy you, that you would only (and naturally) take it as a slight. You deserve something better than mere lucre. (I wonder if that's the right context for that word–if that even IS the right word.) The point is, money wouldn't satisfy you, and I, for one, understand why.

  • Candace

    Just think how I feel, Skerrib. I was number 99!

    Hey, isn't there something about this in the bible? With the early workers getting the same wage as those who came in at the end of the day? So let that be a lesson to us! I guess. Ok, back to work now 🙂

  • Candace

    John, I wanna know what it is about you that draws Candaces. There are 3 of us among your Facebook friends. I've only ever know 3 other Candaces in my whole LIFE. Not exactly the most common name.

    You don't even have 3 Debbies or Marys or Jennifers or Lisas.

    So it's a mystery.

  • No, there's nothing about that in the Bible. Sorry. But there isn't. Nothing. Stop it.

    That is so weird about the three Candaces that I'm totally not going to think about it. It's unbelievable.

  • Aw, man! Now I see where proactivity has gotten me…

  • I missed a shot at free books? Dang … Oh, well.

    Still, that "99 Fans of my Blog" song makes it all worthwhile. Now, you just need to write a tune for it.

  • Judy

    Even though I'm already a fan of yours, I'll sign up again just for the free book. Will that work? I've got Being Christian, so the other book is fine. I'll email you my address later. 🙂

  • FreetoBe

    I already tried that, Ric, and there were already 101 fans, so it didn't work anyway 🙁 I was #19 and didn't even get the cookies passed out at the first fan club meeting!

  • All right, that's just about enough out of you shady characters….

  • For what its worth, I did recruit my daughter who loved Penguins (my copy!) and managed to snag 102.

  • I can and will. Would you like the dna in a test tube or in an email attachment?

  • arlywn

    or you could just send the first 150 people a free book.

  • So… if i remove myself as a fan and then wait for a new fan to sign up for the free book … (only to discover they’re actually # 99), I can then sign up as #100 and get a free book. Is that what you’re saying?

    You are illustrating “the first shall indeed be last” aren’t you? I hope I don’t start a massive exit-join ebay-ish bidding frenzy.

  • Yes, please send me nice thoughts via telepathy. That's better than money any day. (still waiting for my $1000 by the way)

  • Ric: So your DAUGHTER was no. 102? Is that what you’re saying? And if so, do you have any kind of certified DNA-test verification of that you could send me?

  • Wow… should have waited longer, lazed around till this offer comes up…. John, any other offer coming up that we need to be prepared about like,

    "…Be the last person to comment on this post and I will send you air fare to attend the World Cup in 2010…"

    He he he he he

  • Yes, Prince: THAT would have been a good contest! I should have thought of that!

    Skerrib: I sure hope whomever owes you that $1,000 sends it to you.