Knowing the Christian Calendar

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the post you are looking for is Advent, Easter, and Ordinary Time: Knowing the Christian Calendar.

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My mom died late last night; ..."
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My mom died late last night; ..."

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  • I generally only acknowledge extraordinary time.. comes from my early childhood spent on Krypton.

  • Thanks for saying that, Natalie. I was hoping this might be helpful like that.

    Kansas: Funny!

  • Natalie

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve always wondered about stuff like advent, lent, etc and the siginificance of it all. 🙂

  • I've been a Christian since the age of 6, and didn't know all of this. Thanks!

  • Very interesting. I've never followed a Christian calendar, although I'm sure all of these liturgical days were outlined and taught in the Episcopal church in which I grew up. I haven't thought of them since I left that church at 14.

    On another subject, I mentioned your blog on my site in a post called "My 5 Favorite Christian Blogs (This Week)". You really are one of my favorites every week.

  • Dan Harrell

    John, the big revelations in my Christian life were learning that Easter was the most important holy day and that the reason for the season is us, not Jesus. We are the reason for his birth.

    It may get crazy the next few days, with what seems like seventeen feet of snow outside and wind chills of 25 below zero, but I want to wish you and your lovely wife a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for posting a consistently provocative blog, writing good books and being a good guy, even it you do live in California.

  • Skerrib: You're welcome. It's a real pleasure for me to share this stuff. It's such … enriching information, I've found. But I couldn't find a good, clear explanation of it. So it's fun to have … made one. Anyway, thanks.

    Dianne: Yes, the Episcopal way is definitely liturgical. That's one of the reasons I like it so much. (And thanks very much for the bloggy love. I appreciate that very much.)

    Dan: MERRY CHRISTMAS! You're such a blessing to me.

  • Martin Vipond

    "Because the Christian year is rooted in the liturgical observances of ancient Judaism …"

    and yet we celebrate very few if any of the Hebrew (ancient Jewish) feasts and festivals.

    and even though the LORD didn't create or command a celebration of either Christmas or Easter… they are the highest celebrations in the Christian year. Seems strange. I wonder if God is pleased?

    Just food for thought. I enjoyed your article on this topic. I'll be looking in again.

  • I don't see why he wouldn't be. Wouldn't you like it if everyone who loved you celebrated the day you born and the greatest thing you ever did? Doesn't seem like a whole lot of cause there for offense, yeah?

  • No offense taken on my part. I've enjoyed many Christmases over the years. But let's say for example that I set up a bunch of wonderful ways for my children to have a celebration. But they don't use them. They come up with their own ideas for celebrations instead… What? Mine weren't good enough?

    Our Christian Calendar doesn't seem to be actually based upon any Jewish/Hebrew roots though, ancient or otherwise? Or am I wrong about that?

    I'm not suggesting anything or trying to argue any particular point. But I think about such things now and again.

    You're a "thinker" and a very talented writer. My guess is that you could ponder upon God's possible viewpoints on his provision and our acceptance of if. So here's a question. "Why do we not celebrate the Feast of Booths?" Think about it. Hallmark could come up with an whole new genre of cards. It's a week long celebration! The economic impact would be awesome.

    Or maybe the Feast of Trumpets could be revived? Sales of shofars would skyrocket along with the requisite $15/hr music lessons. Of course, Guitar Center will need to add a new room to display the various models and accessories.

    Just having some fun here with the whole Christmas/church season. Be blessed, brother, this Christmas season, contrary to popular slogan, we are the reason for the season… and that's an awe filled thought to ponder as well. We should be very, very, respectful of that.

  • Temi

    Great info John,i have been thinking about the whole advent and christian calender thing lately especially because of the fact that over here in The Ukraine,christmas isnt officially until the 7th of January(for the orthodox christians who make up almost more than about two thirds of the population),this probably has its origin one way or the other in this whole advent calender thing too,so now as it is we in this parts of the world are still looking forward to christmas,and christmas holidays.